Aasiaat Hotel Apartments

Aasiaat Hotel Apartments

Aasiaat Hotel Apartments is owned by ISS. The hotel apartments are rented out as regular apartments, rooms and vacant accommodation.
Aasiaat Museum

Aasiaat Museum

Aasiaat Museum is based in the former colonial administrator’s residence.
A presentation for MS Fram guests at the Uummannaq museum in Greenland

Uummannaq Museum

Uummannaq Museum tells fantastic stories from the region.
Photo of the Bed & Breakfast from outside. Photo by Bed & Breakfast Paa and Jannik

Bed & Breakfast Paa and Jannik

Bed & Breakfats Paa and Jannik offer rooms and holiday apartments including fully furnished kitchens, bathroom facilities and lounges with TVs.
The harbour in Uummannaq in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland


Cafémma is a cosy waterfront café in the small North Greenland island community of Uummannaq.
A tour boat in front of an iceberg wall near Ilulissat in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Disko Line

Disko Line operates scheduled services between Ilulissat and a large number of Greenlandic towns and settlements.
Woman mask dancing on a sunny day in Aasiaat. Photo by Honest Greenland - Visit Greenland

Honest Greenland

Honest Greenland is an adventure and culture tour provider based in the town of Aasiaat which is the gateway to the Disko Bay and Northern Greenland.
Hotel Arctic 11

Hotel Arctic

Hotel Arctic, akunnittarfik sisamanik ullorialik, tallimanik ullorialinnik ataatsimiittarfinnik atortorissaarutilik
Hotel Disko - photo by Jeremy Bernard

Hotel Disko Island

Hotel Disko Island is situated in the centre of Qeqertarsuaq. It comprises 5 buildings one of which is the old house that once served as the residence for the colonial administrator.
Two whales passing close to Hotel Diskobay. Photo by Espen Andersen, Visit Greenland

Hotel Diskobay

Sulisutit nutaanik piginnaasalersornissaannut piffissanngorpa, suleqatitit avatangiisini allani katerisimaaqatiginissaat pisariaqartippiuk, imaluunniit ataatsimiisitsiniarpit, Hotel Diskobay pilersaarummut aaqqissuussissalluni piareersimavoq.
Hotel Hvide Falk 03

Hotel Hvide Falk

Hotel Hvide Falk is situated in the middle of Ilulissat, and offers 40 rooms and an annex with 4 double rooms and 9 apartments.
Room with double bed at Hotel Nattoralik Bed and Breakfast in Aasiaat. Photo by Hotel Nattoralik Bed and Breakfast

Hotel Nattoralik Bed and Breakfast

Nattoralik Bed and Breakfast in Aasiaat is centrally located with good views all year round of the archipelago, harbour, and town.
Hotel Nordlys in the village Oqaatsut in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Hotel Nordlys

Hotel Nordlys is a small bed and breakfast style accommodation in the village Oqaatsut just north of Ilulissat in the Disko Bay.
Ice Cap Tours 05

IceCap Tours

IceCap Tours is located in the heart of Ilulissat in a building, which also houses a tourist office, café, microbrewery and discotheque.
A winter view of the heart shaped mountain and the town of Uummannaq in North Greenland. Photo by Marcela Cardenas - Visit Greenland


Avani in Uummannaq provide private accommodation in one of four fully furnished homes with amazing views.
IceCap Tours Accommodation

IceCap Tours Accommodation

IceCap Tours Accommodation has a number of excellent hotel apartments where you can stay.
Unnuisarfik Accommodation 03

Unnuisarfik Accommodation

Unnuisarfik accommodation comprises 2 single rooms and 4 double rooms with a shared kitchen and lounge area.
The Art Museum In The Day. Photo by Filip Gielda, Visit Greenland

Ilulissat Art Museum

Ilulissat Art Museum is housed in the former residence of the colony Manager, designed by the famous architect Helge B. Møller and erected in 1923.
PGI Greenland kayakers paddling past Oqaatsut in the Disko Bay in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

North Greenland Adventure

North Greenland Adventure specialises in any tourism relating to the settlements around Ilulissat.
Qaanaaq Accommodation in Winter, North Greenland. Photo by Qaanaaq Accommodation

Qaanaaq Accommodation

Qaanaaq Accommodation is the northernmost accommodation in Greenland.
Upernavik Museum 1

Upernavik Museum

In Upernavik's old quarter you'll find the world's northernmost open-air museum.

Skansen Your Home

Surrounded by magnificent scenery is a small red house occupying just 50 sqm of space. The house was built in the late 1960s and is well looked after.
View of Hotel Nattoralik, where Restaurant Nanoq is located. Photo by Hotel Nattoralik

Restaurant Nanoq

At the Restaurant Nanoq you can enjoy a delicious meal in relaxing surroundings with a delightful fireplace and spectacular views over the town and archipelago.
Locally made snaps at Restaurant Mamartut in Ilulissat in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Restaurant Mamartut

Restaurant Mamartut offers delicious, home-cooked meals inspired by local ingredients.
Dried fish on rack with Restaurant H8 Explorer in background in the Greenlandic Summer. Photo by Restaurant H8 Explorer

Restaurant H8 Explorer

Restaurant H8 Explorer accommodates guests for whom a cosy authentic Greenlandic experience is worth more than the mod cons most of us take for granted.
Inside view of the restaurant with a view of Ilulissat Icefjord in the background. Photo by Restaurant Hvide Falk

Restaurant Hvide Falk

The restaurant at Hotel Hvide Falk serves specialities such as reindeer, musk ox, salmon, trout, clams, crab claws and smoked whale.

Ilulissat Guesthouse

Ilulissat Guesthouse - Hyggelig og afslappet indkvartering med panorama udsigt til isbjerge!
Photo by Greenland Fiord Tours

Siku Tours

With Siku Tours you will not only discover areas rich in wildlife, but will also be able to fish, cook in the wild and get to know more about the Greenlandic lifestyle.
Greenland Expeditions

Greenland Expeditions

Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea is affiliated with Nunatsiaq Boat Charter, a private 100% Greenlandic-owned boat company focusing on sailing tours for travellers with its own passenger-approved boat, MV Niviarsiaq.
A photographer on a photo tour in North Greenland captures the perfect nighttime shot of northern lights, the starry night sky, and icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord. Photo by Paul Zizka

Guide to Greenland

Greenland Sagalands is a tour operator and tourist information site with local roots in Qaqortoq in South Greenland.
Tourist and local guides with the catch of the day. Photo by Ilulissat Water Safari

Ilulissat Water Safari

Ilulissat Water Safari, where you can feel the local spirit. Locally owned company that provides summer and winter tours. Local guides in an UNESCO area.
The museum in Ilulissat in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl
Skiers on the summit of a mountain with the sun setting. Photo by Joris Berthelot

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Takornarianut nioqqutissaqarputit soqutigineqarlualersinnaasumik, takornarianullu sapinngisamik amerlanerpaanut nittarsaarusullutit. Takornariarniartullli nioqqutissat qanoq ilillugu nassaaralugulu inniminniisinnaappat?
Woman relaxing in the bubble bath in the indoor swimming pool Malik in Nuuk in Greenland. Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson

Wellness Tourism

‘Wellness tourism’ tusaraangakku suut eqqaasarpigit? Nivissat sissami mediterertut? Spami akimarpaluttumi qasuernartumik arlaat tangiartortittoq?
A passenger boat in the sunset near the icebergs of Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Takornarianut oqaluttuarnermi UNESCOp erinaginartitaasa ilanngunnissaat

UNESCOp Nunarsuarmioqatigiinnut Kingornussaatitaasa nunarsuatsinni kulturikkut pinngortitamilu eriagisassat malunnartippai. Juunimi 2018imi Kalaallit Nunaanni sumiiffiit alutornartut pingasut UNESCOp eriagisassaatitaannut taakkununnga ilaapput:

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Pulaartuit misigisaasa pitsaasumiit pitsaanerpaamut pisinniarlugit siunnersuutit arfineq-marluk
Boarding an Air Greenland flight at Kangerlussuaq International Airport. By Petter Cohen, Xtravel

Air Greenlandimit nutaarsiassaq: Piffissap sivikitsup ingerlanerani sorpassuit takukkit

Arctic Highlightsip alakkarterussinera apeqqutinut ilisimanngisannut akissuteqaatai pillugit atuarit.
Hiker on top of Nasaasaaq - Arctic Circle Trail option. Photo by Lisa Germany

2019-imi takornariarusunneqarnerit 19-it

Kalaallit Nunaanni takornariaqarnermik suliaqaruit qulequttat 2019-imi tamatumalu kingorna pilersussat ilisimassallugit pitsaasuuvoq.
An ice cruise in front of MS Fram in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Umiarsuarnik takornariat tikerarnissaat qanillivoq. Piareersimavugut?

Umiarsuarnik takornariat tikerarnissaat qanillivoq, takornariallu tikilluaqquneqartutut misigitinneqarnisssaannut minnerunngitsumillu nuannaarlutik aallaqqinnissaannut sullissisut piareersimassasut, Visit Greenlandimi neriuutigaarput.

Kalaallit Nunaanni timmisartumik angalatilluni sooq nassatat oqimaassusaat sissuertariaqartoq

Air Greenlandimiit tusarparput nassatat oqimaassusaannut killigititat sakkortunerarneqartartut.

Kalaallit Nunaanni Angalanerup Immikkuullarinnera

Kalaallit Nunaanniinnikuunngikkuit suut tamaasa takunikuunngilatit.

VG’p kisitsisaatit pillugit nittartagaa pitsanngorsagaq

Nittartagaq tourismstat.gl datanik nutaanik saqqummersitsivoq
Two kayaks paddling near an iceberg in the Disko Bay in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Akisussaassuseqartumik takornariaqarneq Kalaallit Nunaanni siuariartortoq

Sermersuup aakkiartornera pissutigalugu nunarsuarmiut tamarmik Kalaallit Nunaannut qiviartarput takuniarlugu silaannaap allanngoriartorneranit qanoq sunnerneqarniarnersoq.

Kalaallit Nunaanni attaveqarnernut atortulersuutinik ineriartortitsinermut pilersaarutit

Kalaallit Nunaata attaveqarnermut atortulersuutinullu atatillugu ineriartortitsinera maannakkorpiaq oqaluttuarisaanermi immikkuullarilluinnartumik inissisimavoq.

Visit Greenlandip internettip Oscariani ajugaavoq

Kalaallit Nunaat ajugaavoq! Visit Greenland internettikkut akissarsissutigineqartartumik annerpaamik akissarsitinneqarpoq, tassalu ameriikkami Webby People’s Voice Awardimi nammineq videoliaq “The Future of Travel in Greenland” (”Kalaallit Nunaanni siunissami angalaneq”). Videoliap imarivai Covid-19 aamma Visit Greenlandip nunattinni sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani angalanissamik (staycation, Nunarput Nuan)periarfissat nittarsaaneqarneri. Taamatut nittarsaassinermi videoliaq 3 minuttinik sivisussuseqartoq uani  “Rejser og oplevelser” (”Angalanerit misigisassallu”) unammissutigineqartumut innersuunneqarsimavoq, tassani inuppassuit nunani tamalaaneersunit toqqarneqartarsimavoq. Ukioq manna Webby Awardeqarnerani inuit 2 millioninit amerlanerusut taaseqataasimapput, Kalaallit Nunaatalu unammillertigisimasani soorlu CNN amma Tourism New Zealand ajugaaffigalugit.

Visit Greenlandip nunatsinni sulinngiffeqarnerni angalalluni periarfissat Facebookimi takuneqarsinnaalerput

Visit Greenlandip sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani nunatsinni angalalluni misigisassarsiorfissatut periarfissat usassaarutigineri Facebook atorlugu aamma ingerlatilerpaa. Facebookimi qupperneq aamma Nunarput Nuan’imik ateqarpoq. Angalarusuttunut periarfissaalissaaq Facebook atorlugu sumiiffinni ataasiakkaani neqeroorutit kikkunnit saqqummiunneqarnersut msissuataarsinaanissaat. Visit Greenlandilu neriuppoq nunatsinni najugaqartut suli amerlanerusut nunatsinni periarfissanik takunninnermikkut isumataartinneqassasut.
Render Icefjord Center the edge. Image by Mir

Kangiata Illorsuata Ilulissani takornariaqarneq tukittorsassavaa

Qanittumi Kangiata Illorsua tikeraanik tikilluaqqusisinnaalissaaq. Tikeraanut illorsuup Ilulissani ilulissallu eqqaani takornat amerlisassavai.


A lit tent at sunset looking north towards three peaks, Camp In Tasiilaq Fjord. By Chris Brinlee Jr

Takornarialerisunik ujarlerut

Tamaani Nunatsinni angalatitsinermut, misigisassanut imal. unnuinermut tunngasunik tuniniaasunik suleqatissanik ujaarlersinnaavutit.
Photographers in the sunset near the Hotel Arctic igloos in Ilulissat in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland


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