#Illoqarfiit nunaqarfiillu


ABC Charter winter boat tour

Arctic Boat Charter - ABC

Charter boat trips with Arctic Boat Charter in Nuuk is synonymous with safe, comfortable, and high-speed boat trips along Greenland’s coasts.
Aasiaat Museum

Aasiaat Museum

Aasiaat Museum is based in the former colonial administrator’s residence.
A presentation for MS Fram guests at the Uummannaq museum in Greenland

Uummannaq Museum

Uummannaq Museum tells fantastic stories from the region.
Sarfaq Ittuk cruising in the Disko Bay outside Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland

Arctic Umiaq Line

Arctic Umiaq Line is passenger and freight shipping company also known as AUL. The company runs the ferry Sarfaq Ittuk on Greenland's west coast.
Arctic Wonderland Tours 01

Arctic Wonderland Tours

Arctic Wonderland Tours is one of Greenland's most experienced tour operators. They run hotels in Tasiilaq and Kulusuk, tour services and tour boats.
An overview of the Eqi Glacier Lodge camp with the glacier in the background in North Greenland. Photo by Mad Pihl, Visit Greenland

Glacier Lodge Eqi

Glacier Lodge Eqi offers unrivalled glacier view accommodation at a prime backcountry north of Ilulissat in Greenland.
Ski touring with Shifting Ice in Greenland

Greenland Extreme

Greenland Extreme is a highly specialised adventure Greenlandic travel tour provider with a wide range of backcountry experiences.
Hotel Hvide Falk 03

Hotel Hvide Falk

Hotel Hvide Falk is situated in the middle of Ilulissat, and offers 40 rooms and an annex with 4 double rooms and 9 apartments.
Hotel Kangerlussuaq 01

Hotel Kangerlussuaq

Hotel kangerlussuaq Kalaallit Nunaata nunanut allanut mittarfeqarfiata annersaanni inissisimasoq 70-inik initaqarpoq 150-inillu siniffeqarluni. Ataatsimiittarfinni atortorissaaruteqarput inunnit 60-init atorneqarsinnaasunik.
Hotel Qaqortoq 01

Hotel Qaqortoq

Hotel Qaqortoq ilorrisimaarnartumik aammalu Kalaalerpalaartumik ilusilersukkamik suliarineqarsimavoq, Qaqortumi umiarsualiveqarfiup tungaanut isikkiveqarluni.
IceCap Tours Accommodation

IceCap Tours Accommodation

IceCap Tours Accommodation has a number of excellent hotel apartments where you can stay.
Guests enjoying the afternoon sun at a Blue Ice hut in Igaliku in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Igaliku Country Hotel

Igaliku Country Hotel offers cosy and comfortable accommodation and delicious Greenlandic meals served in the café. The hotel has 8 double rooms.
KangNu Race 01

KangNu Running Race

The KangNu race is a big cross country race which is held in the area of Nuuk.
Ilulissat in midnight sun, seen from the sea, by Iurie Belegurschi

Kangia Race

Kangia Race is a adventure race team event that takes place over three days in and around Ilulissat in the Disko Bay in Greenland.
Front view of Kulusuk Hostel in Winter. Photo by Icelandic Mountain Guides

Kulusuk Hostel

Kulusuk Hostel is run by Icelandic Mountain Guides, an adventure tour operator in both Iceland and Greenland.
Hunter aiming with hunting rifle in Greenland. Photo by Major Hunting

Major Hunting

The two owners of Major Hunting are fishermen and authorised trophy hunters. They both have a passion for hunting, fishing and sailing.
Evening light over the museum and old town parts of Nanortalik in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Nanortalik Museum

Nanortalik Museum is beautifully situated in the old colonial port area as an open air museum, covering almost all buildings in the area.
CEO Thomas Olsen of North Safari Outfitters standing with an Arctic char. Photo by North Safari Outfitters

North Safari Outfitters

North Safari Outfitters is a hunting and fishing tour provider based at the Kangerlussuaq Airport.
Nuuk Art Museum covered in snow in Winter. Photo by Nuuk Art Museum

Nuuk Art Museum

Nuuk Art Museum opened in 2005 in the former Adventist Church at Kissarnerqqortuunnguaq in Nuuk.
Tupilak Youth Hostel

Tupilak Youth hostel

The Tupilak youth hostel is situated in the centre of Nanortalik.
The Red House. Photo by Ulrike Fischer, Visit Greenland

The Red House

The hotel is situated on a hill just to the south of Tasiilaq and enjoys stunning views of the King Oscar Fjord and the surrounding mountains and glaciers.


At Sydbo.gl you live in nice apartments of 64 square meters. Each apartment has its own kitchen with everything needed to cook.

Skansen Your Home

Surrounded by magnificent scenery is a small red house occupying just 50 sqm of space. The house was built in the late 1960s and is well looked after.
The Seamen's Home Sisimiut 01

Sisimiuni Umiartortut Angerlarsimaffiat

Umiartortut angerlarsimaffiat nuannerluinnartoq akunnittarfiuvoq pingasunik ullorialik Sisimiuni inissisimalluni ilaqutariinnullu tulluuttoq.
View of Hotel Nattoralik, where Restaurant Nanoq is located. Photo by Hotel Nattoralik

Restaurant Nanoq

At the Restaurant Nanoq you can enjoy a delicious meal in relaxing surroundings with a delightful fireplace and spectacular views over the town and archipelago.
Dried fish on rack with Restaurant H8 Explorer in background in the Greenlandic Summer. Photo by Restaurant H8 Explorer

Restaurant H8 Explorer

Restaurant H8 Explorer accommodates guests for whom a cosy authentic Greenlandic experience is worth more than the mod cons most of us take for granted.
Tourists camping in a tent at Polar Lodge in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl

Polar Lodge

Polar Lodge, which is owned by Albatros Arctic Circle, is one of Kangerlussuaq’s newest overnight accommodation centers and was built in 2006.
Greenland Expeditions

Greenland Expeditions

Greenland Expeditions by Land and Sea is affiliated with Nunatsiaq Boat Charter, a private 100% Greenlandic-owned boat company focusing on sailing tours for travellers with its own passenger-approved boat, MV Niviarsiaq.
A climber plays around in the boulders, West Side Of Kulusuk island. Photo by Chris Brin Lee Jr. - Visit Greenland

Icelandic Mountain Guides

From their expedition & ski lodge in East Greenland, Greenland Mountain Guides specialises in Greenland ski touring and mountaineering expeditions, icecap crossings, wilderness treks and traditional dogsled trips.

Sillisit Hostel

Illunnguujuk Hostel is a family run hostel housed in what was once an old farmhouse. It was refurbished in 2004 and is still being developed.
A home and graveyard on Kulusuk, Northwest Side Of Kulusuk island. By Chris Brinlee Jr

Greenlandic Indigenous Guides

Greenland Indigenous Guides is located in Kulusuk, East Greenland. The local guide offers guiding from Kulusuk Airport and around the village.
Nuutoqaq - Nuuk Local museum. Photo by Aningaaq Rosing-Carlsen - Visit Greenland

Nuutoqaq - Nuummi Katersugaasivik

Nuutoqaq – Nuuk local museum is located in the beautiful old harbour, also known as the colonial harbour and is housed in the old boat yard.
Landscape photo of arctic hare riffle and backpack with sunset. Visit Greenland

Hunter's Eye South Greenland

Hunter’s Eye in South Greenland is a small local company based in Qaqortoq. Local Greenlandic hunters, who strive to use every part of the animals caught.
Tourist and local guides with the catch of the day. Photo by Ilulissat Water Safari

Ilulissat Water Safari

Ilulissat Water Safari, where you can feel the local spirit. Locally owned company that provides summer and winter tours. Local guides in an UNESCO area.
A coffee break in front of an iceberg on a PGI Greenland kayak trip in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Nuuk Explorer

Nuuk Explorer. We are a small local operation based in Nuuk, Greenland who offer kayak adventures, hiking tours, and northern light experiences.
trekking Ilulissat icefjord Paul Zizka. VIsit Greenland

Tuugaaq Travel

Tuugaaq Travel Kalaallit Nunaanni takornariartitsiviuvoq takorusutatit piumasatit kissaatitillu malillugit angalanissannut pilersaarusiornissamik periarfissiisoq.
Large dining area. Photo by Mikami Hostel

Ilulissat adventure

Vi er en lokal operatør med mange års erfaring i Ilulissat og Diskobugten. Tilbyder små grupper og private turer fra Ilulissat.

Latest News

A passenger boat in the sunset near the icebergs of Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Takornarianut oqaluttuarnermi UNESCOp erinaginartitaasa ilanngunnissaat

UNESCOp Nunarsuarmioqatigiinnut Kingornussaatitaasa nunarsuatsinni kulturikkut pinngortitamilu eriagisassat malunnartippai. Juunimi 2018imi Kalaallit Nunaanni sumiiffiit alutornartut pingasut UNESCOp eriagisassaatitaannut taakkununnga ilaapput:
Woman relaxing in the bubble bath in the indoor swimming pool Malik in Nuuk in Greenland. Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson

Wellness Tourism

‘Wellness tourism’ tusaraangakku suut eqqaasarpigit? Nivissat sissami mediterertut? Spami akimarpaluttumi qasuernartumik arlaat tangiartortittoq?
Boarding an Air Greenland flight at Kangerlussuaq International Airport. By Petter Cohen, Xtravel

Air Greenlandimit nutaarsiassaq: Piffissap sivikitsup ingerlanerani sorpassuit takukkit

Arctic Highlightsip alakkarterussinera apeqqutinut ilisimanngisannut akissuteqaatai pillugit atuarit.
Ponant Cruises' L'Austral visiting Ilulissat in the Disko Bay in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

AECOp Kalaallit Nunaanni sumiiffinni aalajangersimasuni najoqqutassaatai

Issittumi takornariaqarnermut tunngatillugu "Najoqqutassat" pillugit assut tusartarpugut, taamaattoq tamaasa iluamik paasinissaat ajornakusoorsinnaavoq; qanoq nammineq aallutissanerlugit qanorlu takornarialerisutut ilinnut sunniuteqarsinnaanersut.
Marathon runners at the Leif den Lykkeliges Marathon in Qassiarsuk in South Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Kalaallit Nunaata kujataani misigisassarsiorlutit arpagit

Marathonerneq, nunap timaani arpanneq, misigisassarsiorluni arpannerit. Aap, tamakku ilaatigut maani pigivagut!
View Point In Nuuk. Photo by Matthew Littlewood - Visit Greenland

Nuuk illoqarfinni pingaarnersani siullerpaalluni EarthCheckimiit piujuartitsisutut allagartartaarusuppoq

Nuuk illoqarfinni pingaarnersani siullerpaalluni EarthCheck Destination Standardimit piujuartitsisutut allagartartaarnissaminut piareerpoq.

Kalaallit Nunaanni attaveqarnernut atortulersuutinik ineriartortitsinermut pilersaarutit

Kalaallit Nunaata attaveqarnermut atortulersuutinullu atatillugu ineriartortitsinera maannakkorpiaq oqaluttuarisaanermi immikkuullarilluinnartumik inissisimavoq.
Cross country skiers on a coffee break in East Greenland

Tassami Travel Trade Forum Aallarteqaaq

Oqaaseqaatit nuanninngitsut, Facebookimi torinngitsumik allattartut e-mailikkullu akissutit arritsut qatsuppigit? Taamaappat Travel Trade Forum attaveqaqatigiiffiuvoq ilinnoortoq.

Visit Greenlandip internettip Oscariani ajugaavoq

Kalaallit Nunaat ajugaavoq! Visit Greenland internettikkut akissarsissutigineqartartumik annerpaamik akissarsitinneqarpoq, tassalu ameriikkami Webby People’s Voice Awardimi nammineq videoliaq “The Future of Travel in Greenland” (”Kalaallit Nunaanni siunissami angalaneq”). Videoliap imarivai Covid-19 aamma Visit Greenlandip nunattinni sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani angalanissamik (staycation, Nunarput Nuan)periarfissat nittarsaaneqarneri. Taamatut nittarsaassinermi videoliaq 3 minuttinik sivisussuseqartoq uani  “Rejser og oplevelser” (”Angalanerit misigisassallu”) unammissutigineqartumut innersuunneqarsimavoq, tassani inuppassuit nunani tamalaaneersunit toqqarneqartarsimavoq. Ukioq manna Webby Awardeqarnerani inuit 2 millioninit amerlanerusut taaseqataasimapput, Kalaallit Nunaatalu unammillertigisimasani soorlu CNN amma Tourism New Zealand ajugaaffigalugit.

Visit Greenlandip nunatsinni sulinngiffeqarnerni angalalluni periarfissat Facebookimi takuneqarsinnaalerput

Visit Greenlandip sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani nunatsinni angalalluni misigisassarsiorfissatut periarfissat usassaarutigineri Facebook atorlugu aamma ingerlatilerpaa. Facebookimi qupperneq aamma Nunarput Nuan’imik ateqarpoq. Angalarusuttunut periarfissaalissaaq Facebook atorlugu sumiiffinni ataasiakkaani neqeroorutit kikkunnit saqqummiunneqarnersut msissuataarsinaanissaat. Visit Greenlandilu neriuppoq nunatsinni najugaqartut suli amerlanerusut nunatsinni periarfissanik takunninnermikkut isumataartinneqassasut.

Extreme E ilippanartupilussuarnik pilersitsivoq

Pinngortitaq alutornartorsuaq Russel Gletsjerilu naalannartoq Augustimi, Kangerlussuarmi Extreme E-toqarnissanut tunuliaqutaassapput. Extreme E Formula 1-imut eqqaanarsinnaavoq, piujuartitsinermilli aallutaqarnerulluni.
Render Icefjord Center the edge. Image by Mir

Kangiata Illorsuata Ilulissani takornariaqarneq tukittorsassavaa

Qanittumi Kangiata Illorsua tikeraanik tikilluaqqusisinnaalissaaq. Tikeraanut illorsuup Ilulissani ilulissallu eqqaani takornat amerlisassavai.