Villarama Villarama is a little house in the heart of Qaqortoq.
Blue Iceberg. Photo by Blue Ice Explorer

Blue Ice Explorer

Blue Ice Explorer specialises in package tours and also organises other travel arrangements for individuals and groups in southern Greenland.
Gammel Anders house

Gammel Anders House

Accommodation in Gammel Anders' House is in a small red house right by the old harbour and the beautiful museum area in Nanortalik in South Greenland.
Gardar Hostel

Gardar Hostel

Gardar Hostel is a cosy hostel located near the shop and harbour and run by Blue Ice Explorer.
Hotel Kap Farvel 05

Hotel Kap Farvel

Hotel Kap Farvel comprises 20 rooms and is divided into two wings. The new wing has a 2-star rating.
Hotel Qaqortoq 01

Hotel Qaqortoq

Hotel Qaqortoq ilorrisimaarnartumik aammalu Kalaalerpalaartumik ilusilersukkamik suliarineqarsimavoq, Qaqortumi umiarsualiveqarfiup tungaanut isikkiveqarluni.
Guests at Igaliku Country Hotel having dinner. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Igaliku Café

Igaliku Café has a fantastic backdrop in the settlement Igaliku. The café serves both food, drinks, coffee and snacks in a cosy countryside environment.
Guests enjoying the afternoon sun at a Blue Ice hut in Igaliku in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Igaliku Country Hotel

Igaliku Country Hotel offers cosy and comfortable accommodation and delicious Greenlandic meals served in the café. The hotel has 8 double rooms.
A field with straw bales at a farm in Qassiarsuk in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Illunnguujuk Hostel

Illunnguujuk Hostel is a family run hostel housed in what was once an old farmhouse. It was refurbished in 2004 and is still being developed.
Beautiful view in sunlight from Ipiutaq Guest Farm in Summer. Photo by Agathe Devisme

Ipiutaq Guest Farm

Ipiutaq guest farm has been sold. This innovative sheep farm, located in an area of stunning wilderness in the South of Greenland, was founded by a french-greenlandic family in 2007.
Outside bathtub at Isikkivik in Narsaq, South Greenland. Photo by Isikkivik


Isikkivik is a cosy little accommodation with fantastic views of icebergs and the sea high on the hillsides of Narsaq in South Greenland.
An evening view of the white church in Nanortalik in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Nanortalik Tourism Service

Nanortalik Tourism Service has existed since 1999, and thereby has many years of experience of dealing with guests and developing both short trips and trips lasting several days.
Local people of Nanortalik and Youth Hostel Mathildes Hus in Summer. Photo by Nanortalik Youth Hostel

Nanortalik Youth Hostel

Nanortalik Youth Hostel is located in Mathildes Hus which is a lovely old building located next to the museum in the old part of Nanortalik.
Entrance view of Narsaq Museum located in South Greenland in Winter. Photo by Narsaq Museum

Narsaq Museum

Narsaq Museum is situated at the old harbour. Collections and exhibitions are fitted out in some of the town's oldest houses that date back to 1830.
Narsarsuaq in South Greenland

Narsarsuaq Museum

Narsarsuaq Museum was founded in 1991 and tells the story of the period as the American Blue-West One base from 1941.
Summer at Narsarsuaq Hostel in South Greenland. Photo by Blue Ice Explorer

Narsarsuaq Hostel

Narsarsuaq Hostel is a modern hostel with a large kitchen and living room. It can sleep 36 people in nine 4-room dormitories.
Frontside view of NTS Rooms in Nanortalik, South Greenland. Photo by Nanortalik Tourism Service

NTS Rooms

NTS Rooms in Nanortalik offers six quality apartments sleeping a total of 14 people.
Tupilak Youth Hostel

Tupilak Youth hostel

The Tupilak youth hostel is situated in the centre of Nanortalik.
Leif Eriksson Hostel

The Leif Eriksson Hostel

Not far from the little harbour in Qassiarsuk is the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Tasiusaq Hostel

The hostel is situated in the little settlement of Tasiusaq which overlooks the extraordinarily beautiful Tasermiut fjord.
Tasermiut 3

Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions

Tasermiut is the specialist in adventure travel in South Greenland, the best place for adventure due to mild weather conditions and the safest fjords full of icebergs and glaciers fronts.
sulisartut hoejskoliat 03

Sulisartut Højskoleat

Sulisartut Højskoliat is an educational institution, but it also offers overnight accommodation.
siniffik inn 01

Siniffik Inn

Siniffik-Inn (siniffik means bed or a place to sleep in Greenlandic) has two sections to it offering accommodation and excellent service.

South Greenland Boat Charter 44

We are a new turist company our main goal is to do guided tours around south Greenland, primarily near Nanortalik. We offer many different kind of package trips with our own boat with up to 6 passengers.
Two men and three Icelandic horses close to Inneruulalik Guest Farm in South Greenland. Photo by Inneruulalik Guest House

Inneruulalik Guest Farm

The farm and its facilities: Inneruulalik is a 10-minute journey by boat from Narsarsuaq International Airport.

Sillisit Hostel

Illunnguujuk Hostel is a family run hostel housed in what was once an old farmhouse. It was refurbished in 2004 and is still being developed.
A photographer on a photo tour in North Greenland captures the perfect nighttime shot of northern lights, the starry night sky, and icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord. Photo by Paul Zizka

Guide to Greenland

Greenland Sagalands is a tour operator and tourist information site with local roots in Qaqortoq in South Greenland.
Skiers on the summit of a mountain with the sun setting. Photo by Joris Berthelot

Royal Arctic Portagent

Royal Arctic Portagent has been a port agent throughout Greenland for more than 25 years and is represented with its own people in the 14 largest ports in Greenland.

Inside Fiord Trophy Hunting

Come for a fantastic hunting trip in South Greenland with local guides and history told by natives.

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Takornarianut nioqqutissaqarputit soqutigineqarlualersinnaasumik, takornarianullu sapinngisamik amerlanerpaanut nittarsaarusullutit. Takornariarniartullli nioqqutissat qanoq ilillugu nassaaralugulu inniminniisinnaappat?
Woman relaxing in the bubble bath in the indoor swimming pool Malik in Nuuk in Greenland. Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson

Wellness Tourism

‘Wellness tourism’ tusaraangakku suut eqqaasarpigit? Nivissat sissami mediterertut? Spami akimarpaluttumi qasuernartumik arlaat tangiartortittoq?
A passenger boat in the sunset near the icebergs of Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Takornarianut oqaluttuarnermi UNESCOp erinaginartitaasa ilanngunnissaat

UNESCOp Nunarsuarmioqatigiinnut Kingornussaatitaasa nunarsuatsinni kulturikkut pinngortitamilu eriagisassat malunnartippai. Juunimi 2018imi Kalaallit Nunaanni sumiiffiit alutornartut pingasut UNESCOp eriagisassaatitaannut taakkununnga ilaapput:

Pisisartunik sullissinerit naammaginarpa?

Pulaartuit misigisaasa pitsaasumiit pitsaanerpaamut pisinniarlugit siunnersuutit arfineq-marluk
Hiker on top of Nasaasaaq - Arctic Circle Trail option. Photo by Lisa Germany

2019-imi takornariarusunneqarnerit 19-it

Kalaallit Nunaanni takornariaqarnermik suliaqaruit qulequttat 2019-imi tamatumalu kingorna pilersussat ilisimassallugit pitsaasuuvoq.
An ice cruise in front of MS Fram in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Umiarsuarnik takornariat tikerarnissaat qanillivoq. Piareersimavugut?

Umiarsuarnik takornariat tikerarnissaat qanillivoq, takornariallu tikilluaqquneqartutut misigitinneqarnisssaannut minnerunngitsumillu nuannaarlutik aallaqqinnissaannut sullissisut piareersimassasut, Visit Greenlandimi neriuutigaarput.

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Air Greenlandimiit tusarparput nassatat oqimaassusaannut killigititat sakkortunerarneqartartut.

Kalaallit Nunaanni Angalanerup Immikkuullarinnera

Kalaallit Nunaanniinnikuunngikkuit suut tamaasa takunikuunngilatit.

Game of Thronesimi isiginnaartitsisartup Kalaallit Nunaat Google Street Viewimut pisikkaa

Google suleqatigalugu Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aamma soqutiginnitsit kalaallit Kalaallit Nunaannik pilerisaarinermik nalituumik pilersitsisut.

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Nittartagaq tourismstat.gl datanik nutaanik saqqummersitsivoq
Two kayaks paddling near an iceberg in the Disko Bay in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Akisussaassuseqartumik takornariaqarneq Kalaallit Nunaanni siuariartortoq

Sermersuup aakkiartornera pissutigalugu nunarsuarmiut tamarmik Kalaallit Nunaannut qiviartarput takuniarlugu silaannaap allanngoriartorneranit qanoq sunnerneqarniarnersoq.
Marathon runners at the Leif den Lykkeliges Marathon in Qassiarsuk in South Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Kalaallit Nunaata kujataani misigisassarsiorlutit arpagit

Marathonerneq, nunap timaani arpanneq, misigisassarsiorluni arpannerit. Aap, tamakku ilaatigut maani pigivagut!

Kalaallit Nunaanni attaveqarnernut atortulersuutinik ineriartortitsinermut pilersaarutit

Kalaallit Nunaata attaveqarnermut atortulersuutinullu atatillugu ineriartortitsinera maannakkorpiaq oqaluttuarisaanermi immikkuullarilluinnartumik inissisimavoq.

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Kalaallit Nunaat ajugaavoq! Visit Greenland internettikkut akissarsissutigineqartartumik annerpaamik akissarsitinneqarpoq, tassalu ameriikkami Webby People’s Voice Awardimi nammineq videoliaq “The Future of Travel in Greenland” (”Kalaallit Nunaanni siunissami angalaneq”). Videoliap imarivai Covid-19 aamma Visit Greenlandip nunattinni sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani angalanissamik (staycation, Nunarput Nuan)periarfissat nittarsaaneqarneri. Taamatut nittarsaassinermi videoliaq 3 minuttinik sivisussuseqartoq uani  “Rejser og oplevelser” (”Angalanerit misigisassallu”) unammissutigineqartumut innersuunneqarsimavoq, tassani inuppassuit nunani tamalaaneersunit toqqarneqartarsimavoq. Ukioq manna Webby Awardeqarnerani inuit 2 millioninit amerlanerusut taaseqataasimapput, Kalaallit Nunaatalu unammillertigisimasani soorlu CNN amma Tourism New Zealand ajugaaffigalugit.

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Visit Greenlandip sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani nunatsinni angalalluni misigisassarsiorfissatut periarfissat usassaarutigineri Facebook atorlugu aamma ingerlatilerpaa.
Aerial view of sled dogs riding next to interesting features in the terrain - Photo by Alex Savu - Visit Greenland

Takorluukkat innaaluttut: visitgreenland.com-imi ornitassat avinngarusimasut nutaat ukkatarineqarput

Visitgreenland.com-imi Ornitassat pillugit nangeqattaartut qanittukkut saqqummiunneqartunut tikilluarit.
The MSC Poesia. Photo Aningaaq R. Carlsen - Visit Greenland

Visit Greenlandip erseqqissarusuppaa umiarsuarmik takornariartitsineq unammillernartoqarlunilu iluaqutissartaqarsinnaasoq

Uani piffissami aasaagaa Kalaallit Nunaanni umiarsuarnik takornariaqarneq annertuumik oqallisaavoq. Ilaatigut isumaqartoqarpoq umiarsuarnik takornariartaatsit amerlavallaat Kalaallit nunaanni umiarsualivinni aqqusaartartut, naak tassani inatsisitigut malittarisassat aamma annikikkaluartut.
Photo from Siuarta 4

SIUARTA – sumiiffinni avinngarusimasuni ataatsimoorluni ineriartortitsinissamut suliniuteqarneq

Visit Greenland aamma NALIK Ventures, sumiiffinni illoqarfiit annerit silataanni maligassiuisut nakussassarniarlugit aammalu inuussutissarsiornermi ineriartorneq uummarissarniarlugu suliniummik aallartitsipput.


A lit tent at sunset looking north towards three peaks, Camp In Tasiilaq Fjord. By Chris Brinlee Jr

Takornarialerisunik ujarlerut

Tamaani Nunatsinni angalatitsinermut, misigisassanut imal. unnuinermut tunngasunik tuniniaasunik suleqatissanik ujaarlersinnaavutit.
Photographers in the sunset near the Hotel Arctic igloos in Ilulissat in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland


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