Testing kayaking skills at the museum in Tasiilaq in East Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

Ammassalik Museum

Ammassalik Museum in Tasiilaq in East Greenland can be found in the town's first church, which lies close to the harbour.

Uummannaq Seasafaris APS

Uummannaq Seasafaris offers a number of tours in around of the beautiful town of hearts.
Blue Iceberg. Photo by Blue Ice Explorer

Blue Ice Explorer

Blue Ice Explorer specialises in package tours and also organises other travel arrangements for individuals and groups in southern Greenland.
Tiny dog sleds in the huge East Greenland landscapes between Tasiilaq and Sermilik

Dines Tours

Dines Tours is a small adventure travel tour provider based in Tasiilaq and the company organises dogsled trips, hiking, kayaking, animal safaris, and more.
Gammel Anders house

Gammel Anders House

Accommodation in Gammel Anders' House is in a small red house right by the old harbour and the beautiful museum area in Nanortalik in South Greenland.
MS Fram from Hurtigruten docked alongside in Sisimiut, Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Greenland Cruises

Greenland Cruises offers shore excursions and other services to cruise ships visiting Greenland during the summer and fall.
Hotel Arctic 11

Hotel Arctic

Hotel Arctic, akunnittarfik sisamanik ullorialik, tallimanik ullorialinnik ataatsimiittarfinnik atortorissaarutilik
Hotel Hvide Falk 03

Hotel Hvide Falk

Hotel Hvide Falk is situated in the middle of Ilulissat, and offers 40 rooms and an annex with 4 double rooms and 9 apartments.
Hotel Narsarsauq 05

Hotel Narsarsuaq

Hotel Narsarsuaq is a modHotel Narsarsuaq nutaaliaavoq 80-inik inilik 180-inillu siniffilik. Ataasiittarissanik, marluuttarissanik, ilaqutariinnut aammalu suite-nik ininik toqqagassaqarpoq.ern hotel with 80 rooms and about 180 beds. There is a choice of single rooms, double rooms, family rooms and suites.
Hotel Nordlys in the village Oqaatsut in Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Hotel Nordlys

Hotel Nordlys is a small bed and breakfast style accommodation in the village Oqaatsut just north of Ilulissat in the Disko Bay.
Hotel Sisimiut 01

Hotel Sisimiut

Hotel Sisimiut pingasunik ulloriaqarpoq, 40-nik initaqarluni, ataatsimiittarfittut kateriffeqarluni, bar-eqarluni aammalu neriniartarfeqarluni gourmet-nik sassaalliuteqartumik.
Guests at Igaliku Country Hotel having dinner. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Igaliku Café

Igaliku Café has a fantastic backdrop in the settlement Igaliku. The café serves both food, drinks, coffee and snacks in a cosy countryside environment.
Inuk Hostels in Nuuk, with Sermitsiaq Mountain. Photo by Daniel Gurrola - Visit Greenland

Inuk Hostels

Inuk Hostels immap qulinnguani inissisimavoq Nuullu kangerluanut alianaalluinnartumik isikkiveqarluni, ungasinngitsumullu pisulaarnikkut Nuummi illoqarfiup qeqqa tikinneqarsinnaalluni.
Ilulissat in midnight sun, seen from the sea, by Iurie Belegurschi

Kangia Race

Kangia Race is a adventure race team event that takes place over three days in and around Ilulissat in the Disko Bay in Greenland.
Evening light over the museum and old town parts of Nanortalik in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Nanortalik Museum

Nanortalik Museum is beautifully situated in the old colonial port area as an open air museum, covering almost all buildings in the area.
Entrance view of Narsaq Museum located in South Greenland in Winter. Photo by Narsaq Museum

Narsaq Museum

Narsaq Museum is situated at the old harbour. Collections and exhibitions are fitted out in some of the town's oldest houses that date back to 1830.
The National Museum of Greenland 01

The National Museum of Greenland

Greenland National Museum in Nuuk has exhibitions that cover all of Greenland’s history during 4.500 years. 

Nuuk - Inn - Wellness

Nuuk - Inn - Wellness are cozy hotel apartments with all you need in Greenland's capital Nuuk.
Tupilak Travel 05

Tupilak Travel

Tupilak Travel offers cheap travel to Greenland, in particular to the country's capital, Nuuk.


At Sydbo.gl you live in nice apartments of 64 square meters. Each apartment has its own kitchen with everything needed to cook.


SikuAput is based in Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island. The company offers dog sledding, hiking, snowmobile and boat trips.
Two kayaks by the beach shore in an area close to Kangerlussuaq. Photo by Restaurant Roklubben

Restaurant Roklubben

Restaurant Roklubben is located on the shores of Lake Ferguson, about 5 kilometres outside of Kangerlussuaq.

Restaurant Icefiord

Restaurant Icefiord er en af landets bedste restauranter. Den byder på en hyggelig atmosfære med udsigt over isfjorden fra forreste række.
Dogs on a dog sledding trip near Ilulissat in Greenland fanning out in typical west Greenlandic fashion. Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Albatros Arctic Circle

Albatros Arctic Circle is a locally based company which organises trips to Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.
Double bed at Nuka Hostel in Ilulissat, North Greenland. Photo by Nuka Hostel

Hotel Nuka

Hotel Nuka is located in the center of Ilulissat, North Greenland. The hotel is close to shops and cafés.
A climber plays around in the boulders, West Side Of Kulusuk island. Photo by Chris Brin Lee Jr. - Visit Greenland

Icelandic Mountain Guides

From their expedition & ski lodge in East Greenland, Greenland Mountain Guides specialises in Greenland ski touring and mountaineering expeditions, icecap crossings, wilderness treks and traditional dogsled trips.
Nuutoqaq - Nuuk Local museum. Photo by Aningaaq Rosing-Carlsen - Visit Greenland

Nuutoqaq - Nuummi Katersugaasivik

Nuutoqaq – Nuuk local museum is located in the beautiful old harbour, also known as the colonial harbour and is housed in the old boat yard.
Interior of the indoor swimmingpool Malik in Nuuk in Greenland. Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson - Visit Greenland

Naluttarfik Malik

Since 2003, when the pool was built, we have had many visitors enjoy our indoor multi pool, warm water pool and hot tub.

Royal Arctic Portagent

Royal Arctic Portagent has been a port agent throughout Greenland for more than 25 years and is represented with its own people in the 14 largest ports in Greenland.

Latest News

Woman relaxing in the bubble bath in the indoor swimming pool Malik in Nuuk in Greenland. Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson

Wellness Tourism

‘Wellness tourism’ tusaraangakku suut eqqaasarpigit? Nivissat sissami mediterertut? Spami akimarpaluttumi qasuernartumik arlaat tangiartortittoq?

Kalaallit Nunaanni takornariaqarnermi kiinnat nutaat

Kalaallit Nunaanni sumiiffinni ilisimasortanngortut kingulliit sulilu ilinniartut ilaat, siunissami suleqatigilersinnaasatit pillugit ilisarititsineq uani atuaruk.
Two hikers on a slope of summer snow ascending Ukkusissaq - Store Malene outside Nuuk in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Internetsikkut tusaamaneqarnerup isumagiuarnissaa TripAdvisorilu

Internetsikkut allatigulluunnit inunnut allanut ‘’online-mik’’ attaveqarnikkut inuit isumaat malillugu tusaamaneqarnerup aqunnissaata isumagiuarnissaa aammalu TripAdvisor-ip pingaaruteqassusaai.
A Greenland Travel hiking guide and a local camp manager from East Greenland discussing the pronounciation of East Greenlandic words. Photo by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Campus Kujallermi Adventure guidetut ilinniartitaaneq

Adventure guide-tut ilinniartitaaneq nutaaq aallartippoq. Kalaallit Nunaata annertunerusumik misigisassarsiorfittut takornariarneqartarnissaa tunngavigalugu, inuussutissarsiutaasinnaasunik inerisaalluni periusissatut pilersaarutinut tulluarmat, ilinniartitaaneq taanna Visit Greenlandimit iluarisimaarneqarpoq.
Marathon runners at the Leif den Lykkeliges Marathon in Qassiarsuk in South Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Kalaallit Nunaata kujataani misigisassarsiorlutit arpagit

Marathonerneq, nunap timaani arpanneq, misigisassarsiorluni arpannerit. Aap, tamakku ilaatigut maani pigivagut!
The sun perfectly aligned with the ice bergs that evening. Photo by Ben Simon Rehn - Visit Greenland

Greenland Tourism Award 2019imi kina ajugaassava?

Greenland Tourism Award 2019imi ajugaasussatut inuussutissarsiortut piukkussaminnik nassiussuereermata, ukioq manna ajugaasussaq nassaariniarlugu immikkut ilisimasallit nalilersuilerput.

Greenland Tourism Award 2019imi ajugaasoq toqqarneqarpoq

Greenland Tourism Award 2019imi ajugaasoq toqqarneqarpoq, tassaallunilu Tunumi takornarialerisoq.
A tour guide entertaining guests on a town walk in Ilulissat in Greenland. By Mads Pihl

Takornarialerisutut suliffeqarfinni piujuartitsinissamut iliuuserisinnaasatit pisariitsut qulit

Qanoq ilillutit niuerninni piujuartitsinissamut anguniakkat suleriaatsinnut atuutsilersissinnaavigit?

Kalaallit Nunaanni attaveqarnernut atortulersuutinik ineriartortitsinermut pilersaarutit

Kalaallit Nunaata attaveqarnermut atortulersuutinullu atatillugu ineriartortitsinera maannakkorpiaq oqaluttuarisaanermi immikkuullarilluinnartumik inissisimavoq.
Four women waving hello in Narsaq in South Greenland. Photo by Mads Pihl

COVID-19-ip kingorna innuttaasut takornariat pitsaanerusumik isiginiarnerulerpaat

Peqqissutsimut ajoqutaasinnaasut nakkutigineqarluarpata, Kalaallit Nunaanni innuttaasut takornarianik tikilluaqqusipput, naak COVID-19-eqaraluartoq.

Pisortamiit nutaamit allakkat

Piffissami nalaatsinerlunnermi paasisassat pingaarnersaat ilaat tassaavoq nalaatsinerlunnerup inunnut sunniutaa suunersoq. Takornariaqarneq aallarteqqippat ileqqumisut ileqqinnavianngilaq. Soorunami naluarput qanorpiaq allannguuteqarumaarnersoq, misissuinerilli takutippaat takornariat avinngarusimasunut angalarusunnerulissasut. Tikiffissat inuppassuaqarfiunngitsut. Tikiffissat covid’eqarnerata nalaani pitsaasumik aqutsisimasut. Tikiffissat toqqissisimaffiusinnaasut. Tikiffissat Kalaallit Nunaattut ittut.

Visit Greenlandip nunatsinni sulinngiffeqarnerni angalalluni periarfissat Facebookimi takuneqarsinnaalerput

Visit Greenlandip sulinngiffeqarnerup nalaani nunatsinni angalalluni misigisassarsiorfissatut periarfissat usassaarutigineri Facebook atorlugu aamma ingerlatilerpaa. Facebookimi qupperneq aamma Nunarput Nuan’imik ateqarpoq. Angalarusuttunut periarfissaalissaaq Facebook atorlugu sumiiffinni ataasiakkaani neqeroorutit kikkunnit saqqummiunneqarnersut msissuataarsinaanissaat. Visit Greenlandilu neriuppoq nunatsinni najugaqartut suli amerlanerusut nunatsinni periarfissanik takunninnermikkut isumataartinneqassasut.

Nittarsaanermi suleqtigiilluni suliniut nutaaq, Kalaallit Nunaanni takornariaqarnermik ineriartortitseqataasussaq

Visit Greenland, nittarsaanermut atatillugu suliniummi annertuumi, nunap immikkoortuini assigiinngitsuneersunik suleqateqalerpoq.
Hiking the Tasermiut fjord. Photo - Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland

Kalaallit Nunaanni takornariaqarneq aallarteqqinneqassaaq, piujuartitsineq salliutillugu

Taamaammat takornariaqarneq akiuussinnaanerusoq piujuartitsinermillu ukkatarinnittoq aallartisaqqitsigut – aningaasaqarnikkut piujuartitsisoq, inuiaqatigiinnut piorsarsimassutsikkullu piujuartitsisoq aammalu avatangiisinut tunngatillugu piujuartitsisoq.

Routes: Kalaallit Airports aamma Visit Greenland Kalaallit Nunaata timmisartuussinermi siunissaa pillugu ujartuipput

Nunarsuarmi tamarmeersunit timmisartuutileqatigiiffinnit, mittarfinnit aamma aqqutinik ineriartortitsisartunit aallartitat Milano-mi Italiamiittumi ataatsimeersuarnermut Routes-imut katersuummata Visit Greenland aamma Kalaallit Airports peqataaqqammerput.
Nuuk - On Top By Night. Photo - Matthew Littlewood, Visit Greenland

Greenland Tourism Awardimut Piukkussat

Corona nalaanneqarpoq inuuniuterpullu piffissap ilaani matuneqavissimavoq. Pisoq nammineq aqussinnaasimanngisarput. Nersornaammik pinnannermi isumassarsiatsialannik pilersitsinernillu erseqqissaanissamut, suliamullu nalliuttorsiutiginninnissamut nersorneqarnissamullu periarfissatsialaavoq, takornariaqarnermilu suliaqartunut tamanut isumassarsititsisinnaalluni. 


A lit tent at sunset looking north towards three peaks, Camp In Tasiilaq Fjord. By Chris Brinlee Jr

Takornarialerisunik ujarlerut

Tamaani Nunatsinni angalatitsinermut, misigisassanut imal. unnuinermut tunngasunik tuniniaasunik suleqatissanik ujaarlersinnaavutit.
Canadian social media influencer Siya Zarrabi enjoying the icebergs of Ilulissat icefjord in Greenland. By Rebecca Gustafsson

Niuernermik Ineriartortitsineq

Niuernerup iluani salliutitat, Angalatitsivinnik suleqateqarneq, Ukiullu ingerlanerani ulapaarfinnik sivitsuinerit
Helicopter pilot from Air Greenland on his way to top of Qingaaq mountain in Nuuk fjord. Photo by Filip Gielda

Agentinik ilinniartitsineq

Piumaneqaraangat Visit Greenland agentinut Kalaallit Nunaat pillugu ilinniartitsiartorsinnaasarput. Kalaallit Nunaat qanoq takornariarfittut pisisartunut eqqortunut nittarsaanneqarsinnaanersoq, il.il.
Mountains being reflected perfectly on clear water in the Nuuk fjord in Greenland. Photo by Rebecca Gustafsson - Visit Greenland

Naqitat Atuagassiaaqqallu

Kalaallit Nunaata takornariarfiginqarsinnaanerani illit nammineq nioqqutigisinnaasavit nittarsarnerannut atugassat downloadikkit atuagassiaaqqallu atorlugit.