Ammassalik Museum can be found in the town’s first church, which lies close to the harbour. The church was designed by P. A. Cortzen in 1903 and consecrated in 1908. In 1990 the museum was opened, before the building was listed in 1998

The permanent exhibition in the former church consists of items such as East Greenlandic masks, old and new tupilak figures, a number of busts by sculptor Eigil Knuth and various works by local artists.

In addition, there are of course East Greenlandic kayaks, sleds and other utility items which, in keeping with East Greenlandic tradition, are often attractively decorated.

The permanent exhibition in the former church is open all year round.

In connection with the town’s 100th anniversary in 1994, a peat-walled house was constructed which provides a good impression of how people used to live during the winter months.

This house is usually open to visitors during the summer.

During the summer period you can also see a traditional umiaq. This is used on Greenland’s national day when several of the town’s younger and older women row the boat out to the Iddimiini settlement.

During the winter, the museum’s umiaq is kept in the former potato building, which has been declared worthy of preservation. The museum also has a photo museum which puts on different exhibitions from time to time.

On the museum’s website you can find contact information and current opening hours.



3913 Tasiilaq

Oqarasuaat: +299 36 77 37 / +299 36 78 26