Greenlandic Indigenous Guides

I have started a new guide company located in Kulusuk, Greenland. I am educated as a guide. I offer guiding from the airport Kulusuk to the village. There are possibilities to visit the local museum and a modern greenlandic family home and back to the airport or to the hotel. The guided tour will be around one hour and a half and you walk about 4 kilometers.

We live far away and isolated from the rest of the world. We Inuit love to share our history and let guests know how we survive in extreme place like here. On the tour that starts from the airport, there will be four or five stops.

  • The first stop is outside the hotel and tells about the history of the hotel and tourism.
  • The next stop is around the new graveyard. There will be told about religion today in Kulusuk.
  • Next stop is in the museum. At the museum, you will be able to see the way of living in the Inuit-era – Thule Culture and be told about the religion before Christianity came to Kulusuk. (Traditional drum dancing might be included)
  • The final and last stop will be at a modern family home near the museum. In the modern Greenlandic home, you will be able to experience the differences between old Inuit tools and modern home furniture and meet Greenlandic/Inuit people. After visiting the home of the family, you will be guided back to the airport. (Food or drinks are not included)


Greenlandic Indigenous Guides

3915 Kulusuk

Oqarasuaat: +299 25 32 53