Kulusuk Hostel is run by Icelandic Mountain Guides, an adventure tour operator in both Iceland and Greenland.

The hostel is an answer to a need for accommodation for the hikers visiting the area, but at the same time opens up a convenient opportunity for the general traveller in East Greenland.

Because of the airport and the daily connection in the summer from Reykjavík, Iceland, Kulusuk has been popular amongst travelers from all over the world for a short day tour. Now, with Kulusuk Hostel comes an new opportunity to extend the stay with a night or two in the town’s magical settings.

The houses have yet to find their true spirit, worthy of the Greenlandic atmosphere. The future renovations of the hostel will be in direct dialog with the community around, as well as the environment.

The focus will be Greenlandic traditions and re-use of the material we gather in the village and its surroundings. Kulusuk Hostel and Icelandic Mountain Guides look forward to be a part of the community of Kulusuk.



3915 Kulusuk

Oqarasuaat: +299 25 03 31 / +354 522 49 48
E-mail: kulusuk@greenland.is