South Greenland Boat Charter 44

We are a new turist company our main goal is to do guided tours around south Greenland, primarily near Nanortalik. We offer many different kind of package trips with our own boat with up to 6 passengers.

We love our country and would like to present our dearest guests in the best possible way about our Greenland. It is also no coincidence we imploy 4 crew members with deep Greenlandic roots who knows the local area and its history. We feel privileged to be surrounded by beautiful nature which the south has become known so much for. Take a trip and go for an adventure with us.
Our 4 hour package trips are:

  • Whale Safari tour
  • Tasermiut Fjord tour
  • Uunartoq Hot Spring tour

And lastly our main attraction with overnight stay is:

  • Tasermiut Camp

Tasermiut camp is our main attracktion, it is a overnight camping trip in the fjord. The trip begins with visiting Tasiusaq, a small settlement in the area of Tasermut. Next stop is the forest which lies beneath a beautiful mountain near the creek Kuussuaq. Last trip goes the edge of the ice cap before going to our camp site for overnight stay. On the evening after dinner there will be an entertainment in the form of musical drum dance and theatrical tale of old mythical Greenlandic legend. With the famous Ketil mountain in the background, it is an experience of a life time.
Food, tents and sleepiingbags are included.



Lundip Aqqutaa 44
3922 Nanortalik

Phone: +299 613444 or +299 563606