Tasermiut is the specialist in adventure travel in South Greenland, the best place for adventure due to mild weather conditions and the safest fjords full of icebergs and glaciers fronts.

Tasermiut counts with a multinational Team of Leaders, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian speaking, ready to make of your trip the best ever. The trips include easy hiking, kayak excursion and glacier walk, that can be undertaken by any nature lover, the tours duration are mainly from 5 days or one week to 15 days and the group size from 1 to 12 travellers.

Tasermiut has a logistical network which guarantees you the best organization: permanent camps and cosy hostel in the most awesome spots, speed boats and kayaks to experience nature and real adventure.
On your arrival to Narsarsuaq you will be welcomed at Tasermiut office.
The company also runs the Leif Eriksson Hostel, which is in Qassiarsuk, a 15-minute boat trip across the fjord from the airport town of Narsarsuaq and the Narsaq Kayak Hostel which is in Narsaq town.

The wilderness beckons! Combine trekking with kayaking and experience icebergs, glaciers and Old Norse history.

Meander among the icebergs and sail out into South Greenland’s most beautiful fjords.

Get to know the locals
More and more sheep farming families are opening their doors to visitors. You will get a taste of life in Greenland as it is today and as it was generations ago.

The icecap
A day’s hike on the icecap or a 15-day expedition! There is something for everyone and all budgets are catered for.

The water is cold, but fantastic. Dive down among the icebergs to explore areas no divers have been before.

Enjoy the view of the icebergs and the green expanse of the sea. Let your kayak merge with the sea and let the sound of silence permeate through you.

Norse history
The area is littered with ruins of farms, stables and storerooms. No matter what trip you choose you will see relics from a time when the area had a population of more than 6,000 Norsemen.



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You can look forward to some wonderful hiking where you will see mountains, glaciers, green valleys, the icecap, coastal areas and icebergs of all shapes and sizes.

Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions  offers you the chance to experience southern Greenland’s natural wonders and one thousand years of history that goes right back to when the Norsemen came, settled and built their churches and farms.

Go on a day’s hike with a pack lunch in your backpack to the icecap or opt for a hike over several days equipped with your tent and sleeping bag.  The wilderness beckons! On various tours you can combine hiking with kayaking.


The temperature of the water is perhaps no more than 2-3 degrees. However, Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions offers underwater experiences in virtually unexplored diving waters.

Join a tour that offers a combination of the best southern Greenland has to offer and dive among icebergs in places where few divers have been before. The water is cold, but fantastic.

Deep down in the icy waters you will discover a colourful and watery world you will never forget. Safety is paramount and Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions will give you expert guidance.


Imagine sailing into a fjord and seeing glaciers shedding massive shards of ice.  Your skipper, of course, will know how close up you can get. There are massive natural forces at work.  It leaves you feeling very small.

You will be spellbound when you hear the thunderous crashing of the ice in this vast panoramic landscape.
The boat will take you round a magnificent fjord area and you will meander among icebergs to places where the ruined settlements of the Norsemen tell their very own stories.


Kayaking is a Greenlandic invention and has always been a natural means of transport for getting from A to Z. Kayaking therefore also forms part of a large number of tours and it is usually combined with trekking.

Let your kayak merge with the sea and let the sound of silence permeate through you.  Enjoy the splendour of the icebergs where the sunlight creates a wonderful play of colour.

Be wary of the weather. The sea can be as calm as a millpond, but the weather can suddenly whip up strong winds.  The water temperature in the fjords does not get any warmer than 3 or 4 degrees in the summer.


The icecap has drawn and captivated scientists and explorers for centuries.   There are various ways in which you can make a trip to the vast Greenlandic icecap part of your package.

More extreme adventures include 8- and 15-day expeditions in which you will cross crevices, lakes, rivers and an icy landscape that only a tiny minority of people will ever experience.

The last part of your journey will be by boat to the airport town of Narsarsuaq.  Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions provides expert guidance before and during the tours. However, you will need to be in good physical shape.


In 982 the Norsemen arrived in southern Greenland led by Erik the Red. They disappeared just as suddenly in the 15th century.  Traces of the Vikings – or Norsemen – can be found everywhere in the landscape of southern Greenland.

The area is littered with ruins of farms, stables and storerooms. No matter what trip you choose, you will see Old Norse relics and you will hear your guide recounting dramatic tales from the Norse period.

Just 15 minutes by boat from Narsarsuaq you will see a reconstruction of Erik the Red’s farm and Tjodhilde church – the first Christian church on the American continent. As many as 6,000 Norsemen lived here in southern Greenland at one time.


Meet the southern Greenlanders on their own turf.  Ride on horseback through the landscape of southern Greenland and stop at sheep farms along the way.  Many sheep farming families open their doors to guests, and will entertain you with their conversation and cuisine.

You will get an insight into the life of the sheep farmer today and in the past.  You will be riding on Icelandic horses which are also the work horses that sheep farmers use when they gather in their flocks in the autumn.