The Journey

Somewhat forced by the rapid changes in the climate,
Somewhat voluntarily in the way we choose to adapt.

Greenland is embarking on a journey, somewhat forced by the rapid changes in the climate, somewhat voluntarily in the way we choose to adapt. It is a journey that we announced at VestNorden, the travel trade show in Iceland in October 2021 with the following video and introduction. 

We are inviting the upcoming leaders in sustainable tourism to join us. To come with us on this journey through time – and to a place like no other. 

A journey where you can escape from the constant flashing of the beaming city lights, and the constant hum of mechanical modernity. 

Vote for our Greenland: The Journey video

Our Greenland: The Journey video has been selected as a finalist for the 2022 Adventure in Motion Short Film Contest.

From 25 July – 19 August 2022, you can vote on your favorite films via the Adventure Travel website. You will find great videos on the Adventure Travel’s website. Among the three categories; Women, Nature, and Community, our Greenland: The Journey video can be found under the Community category.

The winner will be announced on 5 October.

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A place where you can experience the silence, and the complete – and utter darkness

A place where you can break free from the strains and pressure of everyday life and reconnect with yourself. Reconnect with mother nature and … , the mother of the sea. 


You will reconnect with all six of your senses.

Yes, all six of them, the sixth being the most important one.

Your intuition.


Join our journey into the unknown fields of adventure tourism.

Sustainable tourism.

Regenerative tourism.

A journey into the tourism of tomorrow.


You see, we are not just building two new international airports in Greenland. We are building two new gateways into the ultimate adventure country. We are opening the doors for tourism development, for product development, for innovation. And that might actually be the keyword here. Innovation. We are not just looking at season expansion and new product development for the winter season, but we are looking into the new trends of the market. 

Increased demand for nature tourism. Rural tourism. Getting away from the crowd. 


Increased demand for travel with purpose. Products where you can develop yourself, grow, learn, reconnect. Where  you contribute to the local economy, the local society, help protect the environment or become a citizen scientist.

Products that are focused on the immersive experience. Slow travel, deep connection. Deep pockets even 😉

Products you will find nowhere else.


This is your opportunity to be the first. The first in the way you are going to develop the products. The first in your market to offer these products. The first to plant ideas that are going to blow the mind of your customers. Creating longings for immersive experiences, they never knew how much they needed. The authentic adventure experience, far away from the buzz of the city. Where nature is something totally different from square cornfields and well curated productive forest land. Where if there were cows, they’d all be purple. Where every step feels like you are the first person to ever put your foot down on that spot. And it makes you even a little uncomfortable. Gives you that sweet tickle of adrenaline. 

The adventure doesn’t really start until you step outside your comfort zone. Until you challenge yourself.

And believe me, Greenland is challenging herself. Are you up for it? Sign up here for the first step!