Since 2007, and with Lars Anker Møller at the helm, Arctic Dream has specialised in dogsleds, hunting, sailing, kayaking, fishing and climbing – all activities that have ensured the survival of Greenlanders down through the centuries.


Ride on a sled behind heavily panting dogs as it makes its way through otherwise impassable and hilly terrain.

Experience the scenery of East Greenland as the local population has done for centuries – sitting on a dogsled that makes its way smoothly through otherwise impassable and hilly terrain.

In modern Greenland the dogsled is still an indispensible part of everyday life. You can choose a pleasant daytrip in the area, take a trip out onto the ice and try your hand at ice fishing, while another option is to get the hard-working dogs to act as support when the exertions of cross-country skiing become too great.

Arctic Dream also has an X-treme dogsled trip which lasts several days in which you, the sled and the dogs will be ferried across the water during the trip.

This trip is aimed at adventurous travellers and requires you to be in good physical shape.



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Get comfortable in the small vessel and set off. You just can’t imagine a greater feeling of freedom.

With good advice and a kayak from Arctic Dream, you’re well-equipped to head out into the waters of East Greenland. Paddle out amongst the icebergs and whales and experience the ultimate feeling of freedom.

Paddle to uninhabited islands, pitch a tent and stay overnight. Or paddle in the local waters for an hour or two, see the town from the sea and experience an ice floe or an iceberg at close quarters.

If you need help to transport a kayak or camp equipment, we can also help. As a company with local roots, Arctic Dream has an extensive network in the local community and can arrange contact with hunters and provide transport for you.


The family get together for the evening meal and talk about the day’s events. In Greenland social events are often connected to food.

Social events in Greenland are often closely connected with food. And what could be better than visiting a Greenlandic family, experiencing how they live, sharing their meal, talking to them and hearing about customs, traditions and their plans and hopes for the future.

You won’t get any closer to the country’s culture than this. Arctic Dream organises evening meals at a family home where you’ll be offered traditional Greenlandic cuisine and drum-dancing.

You can also stay in a small settlement where you’ll be living with a family and participating in daily chores, going sailing and hunting and helping to prepare the food. A rare, but unforgettable, experience.


Do as Greenlanders have done for centuries: Head out to sea and feel the power and forces of Mother Nature.

Heading out into Greenlandic waters is a unique experience in both summer and winter.

Along with travelling by dogsled, sailing has always been essential for the people of Greenland, who have survived for centuries thanks to hunting and fishing. In the waters near Tasiilaq a boat trip can take you to the beautiful icebergs and ice floes.

There are numerous trips to choose from. If you like hunting and fishing, deep-sea fishing is a great possibility.

Arctic Dream has extensive experience and contact with a number of professional hunters who can spot good locations. There are plenty of options at sea – and the choice is yours.


No two icebergs are alike. They are unique works of art created by nature’s hand. Enjoy them from the land, from the air and from the water.

Regardless of which trip you choose on the water, you’ll always get close to the fascinating icebergs. Sometimes the icebergs are shaped as huge gateways that invite you to sail through them, whilst at other times they resemble ice sculptures and fabulous creatures.

The enormous ice-cold structures are fascinating as they tower above the boat in all their majesty and in colours and shapes that are never the same.

The skipper knows exactly how close you can get without risking your personal safety. Every now and again he shuts off the engine so that only the creaking and rumbling of the ice breaks the silence.


The Ice Sheet’s enormous ice cap covers up to 80 % of Greenland. It’s no surprise that the ice stretches as far as the eye can see.

Arctic Dream has several trips that take you out to the Ice Sheet. One of these trips lasts no less than seven days.

The Ice Sheet and its offshoots are Greenland’s number one attraction. The magnificent Ice Sheet covers some 80% of the surface of Greenland, and stretches out as far as the eye can see.

Only the sound of the creaking and rumbling of the ice reveals that it’s alive and moving.

Contact Arctic Dream and get help and guidance on an excursion to the Ice Sheet.


Look up and see the under surface of the frozen ice. Imagine yourself swimming under water in an East Greenlandic world of fish and icebergs.

In Tasiilaq, professional divers offer you the chance to see East Greenland from a totally different angle. Security is highly prioritised because diving among icebergs in the freezing water is, besides being a fantastic experience, risky business.


There are lots of trout in the lakes and fjords. In July and August the trout swim down from the lakes and out into the fjords to feed after a long winter.


In the Ammassalik region the fjords are deep and ideal for deep-sea fishing – you can even fish for Greenland shark.

During the summer the Ammassalik region’s deep fjords are a paradise for anglers who love deep-sea fishing for Atlantic wolfish and trout. If you live in Kuummiut, all fishing grounds can be reached within an hour by boat.

Professional deep-sea fishermen have studied the potential in Kuummiut, and it was discovered that it was possible to catch both wolfish and halibut with a fishing rod.

Three days’ fishing resulted in lots of wolfish, and a Greenland halibut weighing 4.5 kg was also landed. When the fjord freezes during the winter, ice fishing is a popular activity.

The fjords are particularly deep around Kuummiut, and here you can catch Greenland halibut, Atlantic wolfish, redfish and even Greenland shark.

Arctic Dream can help you with a full range of equipment, fishing license and good fishing spots.


Meet at the heliport and head skywards over the Ammassalik fjord, past Kuummiut and into the Tasiilaq fjord.

Try a flight combined with a boat trip. Meet at the heliport where the helicopter will be waiting. The trip begins with a beautiful flight up through Ammassalik fjord, past Kuummiut and into Tasiilaq fjord.

At the base of the fjord at a height of 700 metres is the HC hut on a cliff ledge, where you’ll once again feel terra firma under your feet.

The hut, which features a bedroom, living room and kitchen, will be your home for a night. The view of Tasiilaq fjord and the surrounding mountains is unforgettable.

The return trip includes a hike to the fjord and a boat trip back to the town. Groups of eight people required.