Blue Ice Explorer is a locally based tourist company in Narsarsuaq.

The company specializes in tailor-made package tours for guests who want to experience the nature and culture of South Greenland.

Blue Ice Explorer has 9 passenger boats for tours and transfers, operates the youth hostel in Narsarsuaq and Igaliku as well as the country hotel in Igaliku.

Things to do with Blue Ice Explorer:


Regardless of whether you were born with a pair of hiking boots on your feet or you just wish to spend a couple of hours in the South Greenlandic countryside, Blue Ice Explorer has something to suit you.


The kayak was invented in Greenland. Exploring South Greenland’s latitudes in a sea kayak is an adventure in itself.

We rent out sea kayaks to experienced paddlers.

We also offer a 1-day guided kayak tour for unexperienced paddlers from Igaliku. You will explore the old inuit culture by paddling in a kayak built using the traditional, greenlandic methods.



Box 58
3923 Narsarsuaq

Phone: +299 66 54 99 / +299 49 73 71


Norse history

In the year 982 the Norse settlers, led by Erik the Red, set foot in South Greenland. They disappeared just as suddenly in the middle of the 15th century. Visit Brattahlid (Erik the Red’s farm) or Gardar (the Norse settlers’ Episcopal residence).

Meet locals

We have good contacts with sheep farms and can organize stays and visits with them. Stay overnight at a sheep farm and get an insight into the everyday life of a modern Greenlandic family. Kaffemik is a traditional Greenlandic social custom. Visit sheep farming families who open their homes to guests and invite them in for tea, coffee and cakes.

Blue Ice Café

Blue Ice Café is not just a café. Here you can buy maps, books, postcards and souvenirs and find most local tourist information. There’s also good Internet access and a small library where you can read and borrow books about the local area and the history of Greenland.

Boat trips

Blue Ice Explorer has nine boats and lots of trips in South Greenland. We are always happy to put together your trip depending on your wishes and preferences.

Northern Lights

An old legend says that the northern lights appear when the dead souls in heaven play football with a walrus skull. You can experience the phenomenon in South Greenland from the middle of August.


Icebergs are like unique works of art in nature. Get close to these wonders of nature with Blue Ice Explorer.

The ice Sheet

The ice sheet has covered large parts of Greenland during the last 2-3 million years. Active glaciers and constant melting ensure that new ice continues to appear. You can hike, sail or fly by helicopter to the Ice Sheet with Blue Ice Explorer from Narsarsuaq.


Go on a daytrip to fishing spots or longer package tours with overnight stays at hotels or hostels.

Trophy hunting

Blue Ice Explorer collaborates with Lax-á travel agency, which has established a first-class wilderness camp close to the Ice Sheet west of Narsaq.


We own the hostel in Narsarsuaq, the charming Igaliku Country Hotel as well as the hostel “Gardar Hostel” in Igaliku.

There are 6 cabins, each with 2 beds (an extra bed can be provided). The cabins all have private toilet and shower.

The hotel is open from mid-June to mid-September.