We are a tourism operator with headquarter in Narsarsuaq. 

Our ambition is to spread the word about the beautiful scenery and fascinating history of South Greenland. And to give our guests an outstanding opportunity to visit remote parts of Greenland.

Blue Ice Explorer has been working with tourism in South Greenland since 1996. We have established a comprehensive knowledge about South Greenland and a broad cooperation with the local community.

Our speciality is tailor-made package tours, for individuals as well as for groups, ranging from one to several days. Our package tours consist of an arrangement in South Greenland, including boat transfers, day trips and accommodation. All our tours are self-guided so you can choose your own pace, and what to do and see.

We offer you detailed travel information including town maps of all our destinations. We are based locally in South Greenland and will be in touch with you if the weather, flights or other unexpected events will change your plans. We understand these challenges and are always helpful in finding a solution so you can enjoy your holiday. Blue Ice Explorer is more than your ordinary tourism operator.

We are also the owner of several accommodations in South Greenland. As well as 9 boats used for passenger transfers. We run a café in Narsarsuaq which is also the local tourist office. And have an immense amount of equipment for rental.



Box 58
3923 Narsarsuaq

Phone: +299 66 54 99