Dines Tours is a small adventure travel tour provider based in Tasiilaq and the company organises dogsled trips, hiking, kayaking, animal safaris, and more.

The owner of Dines Tours, Dines Mikaelsen, set up the company under the name Mikaelsen Tours in 2001, who has extensive experience of Arctic tourism.


Dines Tours organises dogsled tours of various lengths, as well as catering for those who don’t have any experience of dogsled driving.

Travel as the Greenlanders have done for millennia: riding on a sled behind a pack of panting dogs. The dogsled remains an important mode of transport all the way along the east coast.

Take a trip of a couple of hours to the wide open spaces or set off on longer expeditions with a tent and other equipment. If you wish to try your hand at controlling a team of dogs, that’s also possible.

At Dines Tours you can acquire your own dogsled driver’s license after a couple of days of training.

Of course, a lot more training is required before you become an experienced dogsled driver, but you get an understanding of the license and an insight into the commands and how they should be used in practice. You can borough sealskin clothes for your trip at Dines Tours.



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Phone: +299 98 21 43 / +299 59 87 59
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A popular hiking area is Qimmerdaajalik fell in Polhemsfjeld, which lies just ten minutes by boat from Tasiilaq.

The countryside in Tasiilaq is ideal for fantastic hikes. Go with Dines Tours to the popular Qimmerdaajalik fell in Polhemsfjeld, which is just ten minutes by boat from Tasiilaq.

Alternatively, you can explore the landscape and choose the route all the way to the top of Præstefjeldet or Ymers glacier!

More experienced hikers can head out to the five new mountain huts on the islands of Ammassalik and Tsiangaajik, which were erected as part of Arctic Team Challenge Base Camp in 2010.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the area on foot, there are routes that match your needs. Dines Tours is always available with maps and answers to your questions.


Go on a daytrip or pack the kayak with tent, sleeping bag and food and head out into Sermilik fjord.

Setting off in a kayak engenders a particular feeling of freedom. The countryside in East Greenland is majestic and the area is characterised by the fact that until just 120 years ago it was totally isolated from the rest of the world.

A trip in a sea kayak amongst icebergs and in ice-cold water requires that you’re a good paddler and that you have experience of wind and weather conditions, which can change almost in an instant.

Go on a daytrip or pack the kayak with a tent, sleeping bag and food and head out into Sermilik fjord. Dines Tours is present on the trip and will ensure that everyone returns home safe and sound.

Inuit culture

Take advantage of the chance to follow in the footsteps of the old Inuit who established a settlement in the area many, many years ago.

Boat trips

Dines Tours offers several opportunities for trips on the water – you can sail or paddle and stay overnight in the great outdoors with a tent, food and warm clothes.

If you like photography and fantastic scenery, then a photo safari at sea is a must. Dines Tours takes you out to spectacular locations where plenty of breathtaking icebergs are guaranteed.

Dines Tours has several sea adventures on its programme and plans them with you. You can go ashore and explore the old Inuit settlements.

On all trips there are good chances of seeing seals and whales. There’s plenty of information available onboard about life on the sea and everyday life as it’s lived on Greenland’s east coast.


The active glacier in Sermilik fjord sends a large number of icebergs out towards the sea every day, and the sea and the fjords near Tasiilaq are a perfect destination to get close to the fascinating icy giants.

See, hear, feel – and taste the icebergs! Dines Tours has a dedicated iceberg tour.

On the other side of Tasiilaq, on the island of Ikkatseq, you can go ashore for an hour and a half to see the old Inuit remnants of a settlement that was established in the area many, many years ago.

Several of Dines Tours involve encounters with icebergs in one form or another.

Whale safari

Your skipper knows the good locations and knows where there’s the best chance of seeing the enormous mammals.

There are 15-20 species of whales in Greenland.

They can be seen coming up to the surface for air at regular intervals.They exhale in an explosion of air and spray before gliding silently beneath the surface again with magnificent elegance.

Standing face to face with the animals and studying their behaviour at close quarters is a fantastic experience.

Your skipper has extensive experience of how the enormous mammals should be approached so that you and your group can study them in safety and comfort.

A couple of playful whales may well follow the boat back to the town.


The guide always keeps an alert eye on your surroundings. He knows everything about the local wildlife and the behaviour of the animals.