Greenland Extreme is a highly specialised adventure Greenlandic travel tour provider with a wide range of backcountry experiences.

Greenland Extreme has many years of experience operating in specially chosen areas like around Nuuk, Maniitsoq, Kangerlussuaq, Kangaamiut, Sisimiut, Qeqertarsuaq, Nuussuaq and is aimed at anyone who wants to hunt musk oxen and reindeer from boats or helicopters, go sea or river fishing or try their hand at heliskiing.



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A helicopter will take you up to the peaks giving you views of glaciers, mountains and the sea.
Greenland Extreme will bring ski enthusiasts up to the mountain tops.

A skiing adventure with views that are quite out of the ordinary. There’s no ski-lift or creaking chair lifts and it may also be the first time anyone has skied on this particular section of mountain. On the other hand, the terrain is pristine and open and is perfect for extraordinary skiing adventures. Heli-skiing is the most extreme form of ski sport, and is one of Greenland Extreme’s specialties.

The company organizes group tours, and takes pains to ensure there is something for everyone.
You can go for a day trip, a weekend or all week with 6 to 8 runs a day. You will be in the company of a ski guide who will have intimate knowledge of the area.

River fishing

You can fish for Arctic char in saltwater and in rivers depending on the time of summer. Greenland Extreme offers you expert advice and guidance.

Boat or helicopter? You decide on the method of transport that will take you straight to the area’s best fishing spots.

Depending on whether it’s early or late summer, Arctic char can be fished both in saltwater and in freshwater rivers.

The fish is best caught in river estuaries and where lakes and rivers meet. As a rule of thumb, Arctic char are found where food is plenty, the water is deep enough to cover the dorsal fins and where the water is relatively still.

At Greenland Extreme you get qualified advice and guidance, and you decide yourself if you wish to go on a day trip, a weekend trip or trips lasting a whole week, prices will be depending on equipment, location and the fish you wish to catch.

Sea fishing

Greenland Extreme knows all about the habits of local species of fish, so arrangements for trips can be made according to your requirements.

The fishing trips are from boats that are usually left to drift or lie at anchor. You can fish for sought-after redfish or Greenland cod.

Experience shows that the best places for cod fishing are between islands, places where there are currents and at the entrance to fjords.

Greenland Extreme knows the best places to go fishing and the habits and behaviour of the fish, so you decide on the length of the trip.

Greenland Extreme will fully tailor your fishing trip to your exact requirements, the company will therefore work with you to plan your trip.

The cost depends entirely on the equipment you need, the area and the fish you want to catch.

Trophy hunting

Many hunters dream of bagging one of Greenland’s land mammals as a trophy.
You decide the length and location of the hunt.

Have you ever been face to face with a musk ox or shot a fully grown caribou? The areas between Kangerlussuaq (Arctic Circle) and Nuuk (Capitol of Greenland) are teeming with caribou and in the area surrounding but it takes a lot of hard work, patience and discretion to get close enough to them.

Hunting in Greenland is enhanced by the magnificent settings afforded by its unique landscape.

With Greenland Extreme you will basically be on a three-day hunt, but the actual details of the trip – equipment, location and overnight accommodation – will be depending on your own preferences and requirements. Helicopter transport is possible and the hunts are carried out with licensed hunting guides.