Honest Greenland is based in the town of Aasiaat which is the gateway to Disko Bay and the rest of Northern Greenland. The people of Honest Greenland will do their best to give you a detailed presentation of the cultural identity of Northern Greenland.

With her degree in Performance Arts, the owner of Honest Greenland, Sørine Petersen, is very well qualified when it comes to putting on performances that are deeply rooted in traditional Inuit culture. These performances include mask dances and drum dances.

Honest Greenland’s activities are culturally enriching. They give you a sense of the culture of Northern Greenland through the medium of entertainment. You can even take part and get a taste for the culture, and we would encourage you to get involved.

Discover the town of Aasiaat with its rich history which dates back to the missionary Hans Egede’s son, Niels Egede, who founded the colony in 1759 and named it Egedesminde in memory of his father. Honest Greenland will take you around the town, showing you how the town has developed and taken form since 1759.

We are creative, so why not arrange your own package tour by working with us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Aasiaat.



Qimmeqarfik 60
3950 Aasiaat

Phone: +299 27 77 90
E-mail: honestgreenland@gmail.com