You will find Hotel Disko Island in the centre of Qeqertarsuaq overlooking the lively harbour and the beautiful Lyngmark Mountain. The cosy and peaceful town provides a fantastic setting for your stay on Disko Island.

The hotel consists of six hotel buildings, a hostel, Disko Mountain Lodge as well as an exquisite summer restaurant. Here you can spend the night in the old house of the colonial administrator or at the top of the Lyngmark Mountain. You can also take part in our arranged tours.

At Restaurant Disko Island we welcome you to the taste of the amazing wild nature of the island. We follow the summer season and make use of the wild herbs, mushrooms and berries that are available. We strive for a creative kitchen using Nordic vegetables, fresh fish and shellfish from the ocean surrounding Disko Island as well as reindeer and musk ox.

Disko Mountain Lodge:
As the only place in Greenland you can experience the Greenlandic sled dogs pull your sled throughout the summer on top of the Lyngmark Glacier. Take a guided day or overnight trip. On the overnight trip you will stay in our lodge 900 meters above sea level to enjoy the tremendous silence and the magnificent view of the Disko Bay.

Arranged tours:
During the summer season we arrange daily guided tours from the hotel. We offer a city walk where you gain insight into the older and newer history of the city as well as a hike to the Kuannit nature area where the guide will talk about the geology, flora and fauna of the Disko Island. Also experience Qeqertarsuaq and the surrounding area from a mountain bike that can be rented at the hotel.

Hotel guests can enjoy free transfer to and from the port or heliport on arrival and departure.
We look forward to welcome you to Disko Island!



Ph Rosendahlip Aqqutaa 9
3953 Qeqertarsuaq

Phone: +299 92 16 28