Inside Fiord Trophy Hunting

Come for a fantastic hunting trip in South Greenland with local guides and history told by natives. The trip includes the option of overnight accommodation and trophy hunting in Arsuk fiord.

Guided trophy hunting experience. We are new in this world, but also have enormous background knowledge in hunting. We are 100% local people where we know the area inside and out. We want to get to know the area as we know it from our ancestors and thus provide a 100% hunting trip experience.

For the area in the Arsukfjord, there is a 100% catch guarantee for the catch of large musk oxen. Get an experience South Greenland in a completely different way. You will find the best trophies on the coast, where we find the best bulls within a radius of about 1 km.

In the area is it also possible to catching Caribou. However, it requires you to be in good shape and have a good psyche to take this kind of hunting. Caribou hunting is recommended to take place at the end of August when the antlers have fully grown.


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