Ipiutaq guest farm has been sold.

This innovative sheep farm, located in an area of stunning wilderness in the South of Greenland, was founded by a French-Greenlandic family in 2007.

The renovation started in 2005 and from 2007 to 2019, Agathe, Kalista and Ina Devisme-Poulsen have been working to develop and improve the place. They were welcoming their guests in a charming guesthouse and serving in their home a gourmet dinner based on local products and a french savoir-faire. Speaking several languages, they liked to tell stories about Greenland and Ipiutaq guest farm adventure.

Ipiutaq guest farm has also been one of the best places for Arctic char fishing in Greenland with the amazing clear flowing river and lake Ilua located in the neighbour valley at about 30 minutes hike from the farm. Since 2013, the river and lake were under concession managed by Agathe and Kalista, in agreement with the Government of Greenland.

The farm part has been sold at the end of 2019 to a Greenlandic farmer, and since the 15th of April 2021, Ipiutaq guest farm has been taken over by Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary, an international firm based in Greenland. 

Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary and Ipiutaq guest farm will be developed together on the same line, welcoming guests from all over the world who wish to enjoy a unique arctic char fishing adventure or simply be one with a sumptuous remote nature. 


Ipiutaq guest farm & Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary

3921 Narsaq

E-mail: ipiutaq@gmail.com