Ipiutaq guest farm is an innovative sheep farm which is managed by a Greenlandic family with roots in France.

As a tourist you should feel like a guest in a Greenlandic home. Ipiutaq Guest Farm is located 40 min by boat from Narsarsuaq and Narsaq.

French-Greenlandic gourmet cuisine and fishing in the nearby river Ilua are some of the attractions that this farm has to offer.

Learn more about the Ipiutaq experiences below.



3921 Narsaq

Phone: +299 19 92 22
E-mail: info@ipiutaq.gl


Greenlandic gastronomy

Innovation and tradition go hand in hand at Ipiutaq guest farm.

The dishes are prepared in the family kitchen and are based on a French “savoir-faire” using Greenlandic ingredients and wild plants.

The nearby rivers and the surrounding countryside provide the local produce, and the chef prepares the food with creativity and passion – which you can taste!

The innovative recipes are well known throughout the area, and the farm’s family ’restaurant’ is recognised and appreciated by all those who value the unique flavours of this exquisite cuisine.

River fishing /Arctic char fishing in clear-water river

Let the great outdoors inspire you to do what you want. Head down to the river Ilua with a fishing rod and whet your appetite.

Ipiutaq is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty with snowy mountain peaks, lush green fields, calm seas and rocky beaches. The natural environment will inspire you to do what you want.

Why not head down to the clear-water river Ilua with your fishing rod, for example? Your hosts will be happy to help. They will tell you what the local species of fish tend to do and they will also point you to the best places to go fishing.

From June 2013, the river and lake system Ilua is under a concession from the government of Greenland, owned by Ipiutaq guest farm who offers tailor-made packages for fishing stays, including fishing rights, boat transfers, accommodation and eventually other visits in the area.

If you hook a trout (arctic char), you can take it home with you and have it for dinner – prepared in the French-Greenlandic style. It is also possible to fish Greenland cod in the fjord just down the cottage guesthouse.

Hiking in Greenland

Ipiutaq guest farm is located in an area of stunning wilderness with hills, lush valleys and green pastures, rocky beaches and clear streams with waterfalls. Behind the farm, the huge valley where the clear-water river Ilua is running, offers a perfect place for hiking days from the farm. It is also possible to hike along the fjord, with views on icebergs and mountains.

There are many opportunities to discover Norse ruins, pick berries and mushrooms, drink the fresh water from the streams, fish arctic char and cod, see wild animals or just “breath the beautiful nature”. For those who are interested in geology, the Dyrnæs-Narsaq complex is not far, with granite, sandstone, lavas and tugtupit…

Ipiutaq guest farm can advise you for your hikes around the farm and can also arrange tailor-made packages if you wish to hike from farm to farm or combine boat tours and hiking days between Qassiarsuk and Narsaq.

Meeting Greenlanders

Ipiutaq guest farm is known for its warm hospitality and original cuisine based on local and wild ingredients. We are a Greenlandic family with roots in France and we like to welcome our guests in our home, to share stories and dreams.

Our gourmet dinner is served in our kitchen and we also offer an afternoon buffet following the traditional Greenlandic kaffemik with coffee, tea and home-made cakes, with a French touch and taste. We serve the buffet outside or in our home, sharing time with our guests to tell them stories about everyday life in our remote sheep farm and the challenges it brings sometimes.

We have also good friends farmers in Qassiarsuk, where we can arrange for you another kind of traditional Greenlandic kaffemik, with storytelling about the sheep farmer´s life and their ancestors in Erik the Red´s community.

Inuit culture

The Inuit cultures of the past were characterized by the same adaptability to the prevailing climate and geography as the modern day Greenlandic culture. The Inuit have lived in Ipiutaq area both before and after the Norsemen. The Inuit cultures have survived in Greenland by inventing and developing the vital tools and implements that have been adapted and refined over generations and are still used today.

At Ipiutaq guest farm, it is possible to see remnants both of the Norsemen and the Inuit populations who have been settled in the area. There is an old Greenlandic grave from the 18th century and several places with stones of ruins from the Norse culture. We can also tell you about the Inuit culture and her remaining legends and mysterious.

Souvenir shopping

At Ipiutaq guest farm, you can find a choice of original hand-made souvenirs, such as home-made delicacies with wild plants, postcards, sheep wool and handicrafts made by local craftsmen. There is also an Internet access available for guests, that can be purchased online or with vouchers.


At Ipiutaq guest farm and in the wilderness around the farm, while hiking, fishing or just relaxing taking in the scenery, there are many opportunities to watch the Greenland wildlife. Besides the diversity of the flora inside and around the farm – that you can taste in our gourmet menus – you can be lucky to see arctic hares and foxes, the white-tailed eagle and the Greenland falcon among many other birds.

During a boat tour, it is also possible to see seals and whales. And for thoses who like to fish, from mid-July to mid-September, some pools of the river Ilua are “black of arctic char”… Besides the wildlife, you will of course meet our sheep and lambs if you hike in the moutains around, where they are free for all the summer.