Kittat Economusée is a Greenland Traditional Costume Maker located in the old colonial harbour area in Nuuk.

For the Cultural interested, Kittat Economusee offers a unique insight in the making and history of the Traditional Greenlandic Costume.

The Costume Maker was the first Greenlandic workshop to be part of the Northern European and Canadian Economusee network.

An Economusee is a handcraft business, where visitors can view the whole work process and through displays, exhibition and meeting the people working get a deeper understanding of what it takes to create a tradtional Greenlandic Costume.

Depending on the season you will be able to see the costume makers sew the intricate avittat skin embroideries, cleanse and prepare skins, designing beadwork, repairing old costumes, string up skins for winter bleaching or making other parts of the complex and beautiful traditional costume.

In the documentation area, you may feel the texture of the various types of seal skin or read more of the tradition in the books on display.

Even if you are not quite ready to order your own costume, parts of the costume and other mementos can be bought on site. The workshop accepts only DKK, Dankort and Akiliut Card.



Hans Egedesvej 29 B-45
3900 Nuuk

Phone: +299 36 63 98