The two owners of Major Hunting are fishermen and authorised trophy hunters. They both have a passion for hunting, fishing and sailing.

They’re very happy to share this passion with the destination’s guests and organise exciting adventure tours.

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Ungusivik 12
3912 Maniitsoq

Phone: +299 52 08 41



River fishing

Are you looking for a genuine fishing paradise? If so, then perhaps you’ll find it less than 50 km south of Maniitsoq on the banks of the Qoqqut River, where Major Hunting has its own camp.

You arrive in a 35-foot Targa passenger vessel, and it won’t be long before you turn your attention to fishing for Arctic char – and there are plenty of fish in the clear, fast-flowing water. There are good chances of 5-kg fish taking the bait and putting up a fight.

The entire stretch of river is available to you for a week. In between fishing, you can enjoy the view from the base camp’s three huts, which all have views of the fjord and rivers.

Trophy hunting

Major Hunting can guarantee a 100 % success rate when hunting for musk oxen and good chances of getting a reindeer.

Major Hunting’s hunting area has the largest population of musk oxen in Greenland, as well as being home to a large population of reindeer. Follow in the footsteps of local hunters who’ve hunted the country’s wildlife for thousands of years.

The season opens at the beginning of July and the first month is exclusively reserved for trophy hunting.

Major Hunting has a well-equipped camp with tents with standing room, chairs, tables, camp-beds, etc.

Here we can cater for groups of up to 4 hunters or up to 6 photo tourists.

In the camp we have our own cook, an outfitter and 3-4 guides who are your guarantee of top-class service.