Malik swimming pool

Welcome to Malik Swimming Pool!

We would like to welcome all guests to Malik Swimming Pool.

On our website you will find information about our opening hours, prices, café and activities.

Since 2003, when the pool was built, we have had many visitors enjoy our indoor multi pool, warm water pool and hot tub.

Malik Swimming Pool is managed by an inspector, and there are a total of 19 employees attached to the café, the office, the facility and the group of lifeguards. The lifeguards are managed by the on-call lifeguard who may also be contacted.

Contact us via e-mail or by telephone from 8AM – 4PM on +299 36 63 10.


Malik Swimming Pool

Sarfaarsuit 4
3905 Nuussuaq (Nuuk)

Phone: +299 36 63 10