Narsaq Museum is situated at the old harbour. Collections and exhibitions are fitted out in some of the town’s oldest houses that date back to the establishment of Narsaq in 1830.

The museum’s permanent exhibitions cover the history of the Norse settlers, local history, whilst there are thematic exhibitions on kayaks and Norse settlers.

There are also interior exhibitions from different periods and social classes, as well as a memorial house for poets, priests and painter Henrik Lund.

Norse history

Discover the history of Greenland at Narsaq Museum. The Norsemen arrived in southern Greenland in 982 led by Erik the Red. They disappeared in the 15th century just as suddenly as they came.

The past comes to life in the old buildings of Narsaq Museum which has a real sense of history.

Displays tell the story of how Erik the Red settled in Greenland and how his wife Tjodhilde founded the first Church in Greenland and the American continent.

At its prime, the Norse community in southern Greenland numbered 6,000 inhabitants. The story of the Norseman in Greenland is a dramatic one.

Traces of the Norsemen can be found everywhere in the landscape of southern Greenland, where there are ruins of farms, stables and storerooms.



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