Welcome to Nuuk Water Taxi – We are all about exclusive boat tours

We would love to get the chance to show you what Greenland is all about. This can be transformational for you as an individual and a unique experience for your group.

We specialise in smaller groups, but we can help arrange larger operations. Transformational Travel is a keyword in Greenland.

As the first people settled in Greenland some 5,000 years ago, they saw the same thing as we see when we set the course towards the huge glaciers, or drive deep into the endless fiords, accompanied by humpback whales, seals, whitetipped eagles, or simply the quietness of mother nature.

We can offer you an experience of a lifetime, that you see no other place on the face of this planet. We might just be able to show you something you have never seen and let you experience something for the first and maybe only time of your life.

We promise you, that if you enter Greenland with an open heart, she will always be with you for the rest of your life. Join us!

Fiord Adventure * Catch’n’eat * Whales * Photography Groups * Film Crews * ScienceSupport * Shuttle to any city or settlement * Cargo Delivery * VIP * Ice Fiord Cruise * Deep Sea Fishing.



Imaneq 27
3900 Nuuk

Phone: +299 54 56 90


Welcome to our company in the capital, Nuuk Water Taxi.

This is where you will find out more about the boats “Ice Force One”, and “Ice Force Two” and the captain and owner of the Water Taxi franchise, Anders Lykke Laursen.

“Ice Force One” is one of the two boats of Nuuk. It is a special constructed Targa 25.1, made especially for the Greenlandic waters that can sometimes be packed with ice.

The boat is specially designed to withstand the ice and the sometimes tough weather inside the fiords.

“Ice Force Two” is our small open boat by POCA boats in Denmark. The boat is also specially made for Greenlandic conditions, and is the favourite brand of the local hunters and fishermen.


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• Ice
• History