Qaanaaq Accommodation is the northernmost accommodation in Greenland.

The house is a part of our house and it is fully furnished. K’itdlaq and Kista welcome you as Your Neighbour in B-140A in Qaanaaq

Rent a house in non-smoking area with a great view over the city, placed on a peaceful place.

The house has 2 bedrooms, where there are 2 separated beds in the first bedroom and a king sized bed in the other.

There is a TV in the living room, sofabed and an armchair, coffee table, table with chairs.
There is a small kitchen with all kitchen stuffs, refrigerator with freezer, oven, microwaveable, table with chairs. A shower, a washing machine and a closet.

Telephone: +299 97 10 82
Cellphone: +299 59 46 53 K’itdlaq Henson
Cellphone: +299 23 28 51 Kista Sikemsen Henson



3971 Qaanaaq

Phone: +299 97 10 82


There is totally dark and extremely cold in the winter, from early spring till late summer there are midnight sun. The Fiord is full of narwhales, seals and other animals in the summer, there are ice fishing after Halibuts and Greenland Cods, which are favourite for narwhales, seals and other mammals. Qaanaaq and the settlements are Hunter- and Fishermen society with developments.

Semitsiaq newspaper wrote April 11th 2014 : “ Qaanaaq: A Fishery town is born” where the article was about Halibuts are in development and are growing.

The Fishermen landed 70 tons Halibuts already in 2014 and more Halibuts are coming. Qaanaaq, the settlements and Dundas have experienced remarkable events at time, as well as Robert E. Peary, Matthew Henson and several Inuits achieved their goal to the North Pole, Knud Rasmussen and Peter Freuchen have travelled around Inuit’s Countries, Inuits was forced to move to Qaanaaq and many more.

Qaanaaq’s is placed at the coordinates 77¤ 28’01” North and 69¤ 13’ 44” East, therefore is the Northernmost community.

Experience Qaanaaq’s extremes and experience the totally darkness and the extremely cold weather in the winter, the midnight sun spring – summer, the narwhales’ coming and going, ice fishing, drive dogsledge, the hunters’ kayaks and many more.