Siggi Tours has a boat called Uiloq, which sails in the area around Ammassalik.

The company is run by Sigurður Pétursson (otherwise known as “Siggi”), an experienced Icelandic sailor who has been living in Kuummiut since 1998.
Siggi Tours organises a whole range of tours including dog sledding trips in the winter.



3913 Kuummiut

Phone: (+299) 98 40 31



Siggi Tours organises boat trips all around Ammassalik and will also make detours into Skjoldungen and Nansen Fjord.

If you are passionate about beautiful natural scenery, these boat trips are an absolute must. You will come very close to some of East Greenland’s unforgettable glaciers.

Explore wide open spaces, mountains and icebergs some of which are more than 100 metres tall.

You also have a good chance of seeing whales on any of these trips – and do not be surprised if you catch sight of some seals.

Siggi Tours can also combine a boat trip with a spot of hunting and fishing.

Contact the company and find out what is on offer.


The dogsled has been the main means of land transport for locals for centuries.The dog sled is light, small and reliable, and does not need any petrol or spare parts.

Enjoy the rush of excitement when your furry friends pull you safely through the snowy and often rugged terrain.

Plan your trip with Siggi Tours. How far you go and how long you want to be away depends entirely on you.


Cast your line and catch halibut and redfish. Some of the fish can weigh as much as 14 kg. Halibut is a heavyweight fish.

Deep-sea fishing in the Ammassalik area is also a popular choice.

Siggi Tours can offer half-day, whole-day and week-long trips.

The fishing trips are from boats that are usually left to drift or lie at anchor. Depths range from 40 to 400 metres.

Contact Siggi Tours and plan the trip you have set your heart on.


When you think of Greenland, you think of icebergs.

In eastern Greenland the calving glaciers shed thousands of icebergs out to sea. The icebergs drift southwards along the east coast, around Cape Farewell in the south and then up along the west coast.

They are all unique in terms of colour, shape and size. Little wonder that icebergs are one of Greenland’s most popular tourist attractions.

Siggi Tours’ experienced skipper is used to navigating the icy seas and will be able to answer all your questions.