Siku Tours

Siku Tours is a tourist agency that offers authentic experiences.

With Siku Tours you will not only discover areas rich in wildlife, but will also be able to fish, cook in the wild and get to know more about the Greenlandic lifestyle. You will meet locals, try Greenland food and share amazing stories with the Inuit.

Siku Tours offers unique experiences all year round in the Arctic. 

During the winter, you can enjoy the amazing northern lights, dog sled, and experience ice fishing and hunting with the locals. During the summer, you can sail, camp, hike and trek in nature, and maybe even experience midnight tours as the sun is up 24 hours a day! 

The Greenlandic people are well-known to be welcoming, caring and friendly. Siku Tours’ local guides will always help you with anything you need during your adventure and will be happy to share their knowledge with you. We believe that their knowledge and experience in the Arctic will provide safety to our tours and greater experiences to you, experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! At the end of the trip you will not only leave with unforgettable experiences but also with Greenlandic friends. 


Siku Tours

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Summer Tours

Hiking & Trekking

We offer tour packages for every need, whether you dream of trekking in the footsteps of polar scientists or hiking and conquering high mountains, we have it.

You can hike, fish arctic char, sail to a big glacier and learn more about the history of Greenland. You can also explore the Uummannaq Fjord and even meet Santa’s Summer House! 

You can sleep on top of the inland ice with incredible views, visit historical places, eat Greenlandic food, meet local people, and spend the night with them learning about their lifestyle.

Boat Tours

At GFT we are committed to bring you unforgettable memories. That’s why we have included activities to our boat tours and we have created packages for every need and preference. 

You can experience the Greenlandic culture while we fish and cook in the wild. You can sail among icebergs, explore the Uummannaq Fjord, the Ikerasak, settlement and Paarnat Island, spot birds, wild animals like large whales, seals, foxes and visit small communities.

Kayaking Tours

Did you know that the Kayak originates from Greenland? 

The Inuit were one of the first groups in the world to build and use them. Their main purpose was to fish and hunt, being essential for their survival.

That being said, who better than us to guide you in this adventure?

Try something different and learn about the Greenlandic Kayak while exploring the amazing Greenland Sea.

Winter Tours

During the winter tours you can dog sled between settlements, meet welcoming and kind local people, meet the local fishermen and fish with them, try Greenlandic food, learn about the local culture and the Inuit incredible lifestyle.

For Siku Tours is important that you meet the Greenlandic culture, the local people and learn about Greenland history to experience Greenland to the fullest.