SikuAput is based in Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island. The company offers dog sledding, hiking, snowmobile and boat trips. 

The town of Qeqertarsuaq is on a peninsula and it has a small natural harbour. Most of the population of Disko Island live here. Kangerluk – the only inhabited settlement on Disko – has a population of less than 40 inhabitants.



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3953 Qeqertarsuaq

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Step on board a delightful fishing boat and enjoy the 4-hour trip to the abandoned coal mining town of Skansen. The skipper will tell you about Qeqertarsuaq, whaling traditions and the coal mining which went on several decades ago.

You will be going ashore where you will get to experience the atmosphere of this abandoned settlement.

The place was named after a steep basalt rock nearby, which the Dutch called “de Schans”. Skansen’s Greenlandic name Aamaruutissat means ‘coal’ because this was where the coal was broken.


If you are visiting Greenland and are above the Arctic Circle, you simply cannot miss out on a dog sled ride. What is special about Qeqertarsuaq is that you can do this all year round. In the winter, SikuAput offers a variety of tours.

Some last for a few hours, while others last for a few days with overnight accommodation as part of the package. You can, for example, go on a three-day trip to the settlement of Kangerluk and stay with a Greenlandic family. In the summer, head out to the Lyngmark glacier up to an altitude of 900 metres.


Give it some throttle and away you go. An experienced snowmobile driver will give you instructions and tell you about safety and where to go. The cabin at the top of the mountain at the Lyngmark glacier is a popular destination.

You will be served lunch at the cabin which offers spectacular views of most of Disko Bay. You should also go on the trip to Blæsedalen, or why not consider the multi-day trip with overnight cabin accommodation?


Join a guided hike around the town. Find out about the town as it is now and as it was in the past. Call in at the old doctor’s house which is now a museum or visit the church – which locals also call ‘The Lord’s Inkwell’.

The area is rich and lush in fauna and offers some wonderful hiking to beautiful waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, distinctive basalt columns and protected areas with thermal springs. SikuAput also offers tours to the Arctic Station – The University of Copenhagen’s research station which was set up in 1906.


Meet the Greenlanders on their own turf. A lot of Greenlandic families are pleased to open their homes to guests and invite them to a kaffemik. The kaffemik is an ancient tradition in Greenland.

Greenlanders will hold a kaffemik to celebrate any occasion – such as special family events. SikuAput will give you the opportunity to experience Greenlandic hospitality.

Step inside and find out about life in modern Greenland and as it was in the past. Perhaps the challenges of everyday life are not that different here as they are elsewhere.