Sisimiut Museum is a local cultural historical museum and specialist museum for trade, shipping and industry.

At Sisimiut Museum you can experience the many layers of history of the town and surrounding region.

The museum is housed in the old colonial buildings, several of which are from the 18th century. You’ll also find Greenland’s oldest church, Bethelkirken, also known as the Blue Church.

The museum also has a major archaeological exhibition where you can see the rich finds from the settlements of the Saqqaq culture.

If we move forward in time, then dogsleds, umiaqs and hunting tools say something about the current population’s history and traditions. Visit the reconstructed peat house to experience how people lived in Sisimiut around 100 years ago.

Locally built boats and a model of the first fish factory tell the story of Sisimiut’s contemporary business development in which fishing has come to play a key role.

The museum has ongoing special exhibitions which are often of an artistic nature.



Jukkorsuup Aqqutaa 6
3911 Sisimiut

Phone: +299 86 25 50