Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia – The National Theatre of Greenland

The National Theatre of Greenland is an independent, public institution established in 2011.

The purpose of the theatre is to produce a repertoire of high artistic quality within performing arts, which is based on the Greenlandic culture and traditions. Every year, the theatre produces 3-5 performances and it seeks to accommodate diverse forms of expression for all age groups.

The National Theatre of Greenland’s activities also include touring – partly throughout Greenland and partly outside the country’s borders.

The theatre contributes to the Greenlandic art and culture by engaging in international professional productions and collaborative projects and presenting various local, national and international guest performances.

The theatre is also responsible for educating actors through a 2-year education program with admission every second year and room for 5 students.

The acting students are included in selected theatre productions.


The National Theatre of Greenland

Industrivej 27
3905 Nuussuaq

Phone: (+299) 38 13 70