The Red House is a hotel and tour operator, and it’s a meeting point for hikers and locals and open for everyone.

The founder Robert Peroni first came to Ammassalik some 30 years ago. His fascination with the area brought him back and in the mid-90’s he established The Red House in collaboration with locals. He is a pioneer in developing tourism in East Greenland.

The Hotel is located on a hill in the southern part of Tasiilaq and offers a panoramic view of the King Oscar’s Fjord, sheltered by sharp and snow dotted peaks. Our reception is located in the hotel among other amenities such as a restaurant, a library with a cultural showcase and a sauna.

Many adventurers come to us for advice about activities, hiking routes and ice conditions etc. Our knowledge of the area has grown over the past many years and we are proud to be an essential partner in the local tourism industry.

The Red House is a hotel offering functional and comfortable rooms with running hot and cold water, and we also accommodate guests in our expedition lodges and private houses.

Moreover we run the Tasiilaq camping site, located directly on the sea and close to the heliport. The basecamp is established since 15 years on historic ground Iddimiini. Most of our tours depart there. We provide common kitchen tent with tables and benches, daily fresh watersupply, dry toilet & washing facilities.

Whether you want to explore East Greenland on your own or accompanied by one of our experienced guides – you can get competent advice from us for your adventure.



Napparngummut B-1025
3913 Tasiilaq

Phone: (+299) 981650