Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is a local company that makes custom-made plans for your trip to Greenland. 

Northern lights? Arctic wildlife? Visit all three World Heritage sites in Greenland? Are you planning for a family vacation? Or perhaps a relaxing break somewhere remote, just to breathe in the pristine air and watch icebergs float by.

Let us know what interests you and makes you happy. We work with local guides who know the nature of their area intimately. We are here to help put your trip together, from making total packages, to support for certain activities.


Ultima Thule

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Inuit Culture

In Qaanaaq, the northernmost town in Greenland, traditional skills to use the kayak and harpoon to hunt are still alive. In April and May, hunters load their kayaks on dogsleds, spending days and weeks on the sea ice. In the summer, join their summer camps to watch out for narwhal, with the midnight sun warm on your back.

Big ice

There are glaciers and icebergs in all areas of Greenland. Visit Ilulissat’s gigantic icebergs and tidewater glaciers tumbling into the sea, or South Greenland’s combination of lush green fields and sparkling icebergs. Kangerlussuaq, with easy access to the vast inland ice sheet and a big glacier front, is also a fascinating destination for Arctic wildlife.

Outdoors in Greenland

Trekking and hiking under the midnight sun. Sea kayaking or paddle boarding among icebergs. Towering peaks that have never been climbed. Snowshoeing and searching for ptarmigans. Fishing for arctic char. Greenland has amazing experiences for both outdoor-loving families and top-class athletes.

Just take a deep breath

Close your eyes, listen to the icebergs chattering, and breathe in the Arctic wind. Whatever you do in Greenland, there are many who say that this timelessness is the most unforgettable experience. Tune into the local rhythm. The sun and the tides will define what you do here. Welcome to Greenland.

Our services

  • Custom-made itineraries for individuals and groups
  • Arrangements for local experiences
  • Coordination for press and scientific research