Wild Greenland

Wild Greenland runs hiking, glacier and wildlife tours. We’re based at Greenland’s only reindeer station. We herd reindeer, forage herbs, catch fish, bake bread, build our own houses and live off the land as much as we can.

We’re based at Isortoq Reindeer Station which was founded in 1990 and since then has been a working farm. The name Isortoq means muddy water in the Greenlandic Inuit language and comes from the nearby glaciers melting and carrying silt and minerals into the rivers.

Within hiking distance of the station you can find glaciers that lead onto the Greenland ice cap, mountains, lakes, and valleys covered in arctic herbs and wildflowers. The land is home to reindeer, arctic hare, sheep, eagles, ptarmigan, arctic fox and musk oxen. The rivers and lakes contain huge numbers of fish, and the sea is home to seal, several species of whale and is a feeding ground for loons, gulls, and other sea birds.

Living in Isortoq requires self-sufficiency and we pride ourselves on being able to provide food, build, fix or invent whatever´s needed. When you stay with us, you’re experiencing life on the arctic frontier, one of the last truly wild places on the planet.

We’d say we’re off the beaten track, but that would imply there was a track to start with.


Wild Greenland

Isortoq Reindeer Station
3920 Qaqortoq

E-mail: adventure@wildgreenland.com


At Wild Greenland, we organise bespoke tours, designing the activities to suit your group. We have one fixed tour, the Discover Tour which combines hiking, exploring glaciers, wildlife spotting and learning bush craft skills like foraging and fishing.


We’re surrounded by incredible hiking terrain. We can head out from the station and follow reindeer trails, climb mountains or stroll through lush valleys.

Glacier Exploration

We discover the outlet glaciers of the Greenland ice cap, learning to travel safely over the ice with qualified glacier guides and sail past the face of the glacier, watching as it calves into the sea.


The rivers and seas surrounding the station are abundant with cod and arctic char. We can combine fishing into our hiking and boat trips or we can organise full day or week fishing trips.

Outdoor & Bushcraft

We have been living off the land here for over 30 years and can teach anything from knife carving, tanning skins, preserving food, herb gathering, campfire building, to fish fileting.


The opportunities for seeing and getting close to wildlife in Greenland are unparalleled. You can see arctic hare, reindeer, musk ox, white tailed eagles, and ptarmigan, to name just a few of our regular sightings.

Culture & History

Greenland is a place of pioneers and there’s plenty to see. We can explore ruins and old settlements and experience the current culture by visiting villages, meeting our friends and learning about the way of life today.