Greenland Cruises offers shore excursions and other services to cruise ships visiting Greenland during the summer and fall.

The owner, Ivik Knudsen-Ostermann, has great experience in organizing tours/excursions all over the coast, especially in Sisimiut where the company has its base.

Greenland Cruises has partners in almost every community along the West Coast.

If Greenland Cruises doesn’t offer services in a town Greenland Cruises will be more than happy to help the ship get in contact with local tour operators or whatever is necessary to make the visit a good experience.



Niels Hammekenip aqq. 26B
PO Box 22
3900 Nuuk

Phone: +299 54 97 48


Guided sightseeing

Enjoy listening to the guide explaining about everyday life, the history and the colorful culture.

Enhance your knowledge on the nature, the Inuit people, buildings, history and the activities of daily life.

Greenland Cruises organizes sightseeing in Nuuk, Narsarsuaq, Sisimiut, boat tours out among the icebergs, tours to the ice fiords, helicopter tours and hiking tours. Try the hike up mountain Palasip Qaqqa, the “priest’s mountain”, a 500 meter tall mountain close to Sisimiut.

On your way up to the top, enjoy the sight of the local wildlife and the surrounding greenery or take a tour out to Tele Island where Inuit people in earlier times hunted their prey. Visit the harbour and the local artists.

Getting close to the population

Experience choir singing, drum dancing and kayak shows right where you come ashore. Greenland Cruises offers many events that focus on traditions and culture.

Ancient traditions are kept and expressed when guests arrive to visit the land and its cities.

Experience the local choirs performing, wearing the beautiful national costume. There are usually 10 to 15 singers in a choir, and they are happy to perform in the area by the museum or onboard the ships at the harbour.

Greenland Cruises has contacts in towns as well as settlements and will be able to arrange for events per request. Experience the busy life at the harbour, the motley collection of tiny motorboats in a variety of colors and small fishing trawlers.


Travel the way the Greenlanders have done for centuries – via ocean shipping routes. Greenland Cruises organizes excursions in West and South Greenland.

A meeting with Greenland from the seaside offers the sight of icebergs of all sizes, whales at play, and impressions of life in towns and settlements.

Seat yourself comfortably on deck and just enjoy the view. Upon landing, visit the city or enjoy an event that might have been planned such as mask and drum dancing, a kayak show and choir singing.

Go on a tour with Greenland Cruises to the famous Ice fiord which is on UNCESO’s World Heritage site list, or go on a hike to the abandoned settlement of Sermermiut. Sermermiut’s history stretches back more than 4,000 years.