Qasigiannguit Museum is a local cultural historical museum. The museum was officially opened in conjunction with the town’s 250th anniversary in 1984.

The museum buildings date back to the colonial period – the oldest building is from 1734 and is North Greenland’s oldest European wooden house.

The area is a paradise for those interested in archaeology and history.

In addition to local history, the museum’s exhibitions include the fantastic and very well-preserved finds from the deep-frozen cultural layer from the 4,500-year-old Saqqaq culture on the island of Qeqertasussuk.

In conjunction with the museum, a project aimed at bringing the past back to life is being developed. This is based on the late Thule culture – the period immediately prior to the foundation of the town.

The project is being realised by the museum in a partnership between volunteers and specialists who are bringing to life the Thule culture as it was at around the beginning of the 18th century.

The project consists of research and workshop activities during the winter, and a number of open-air activities on the banks of Tasersuaq during the summer: umiaq boats and kayaks pull up at the bank and a group of re-enactors ferries guests to a summer day spent with a Thule family as it was more than 300 years ago.



Poul Egedesvej 24
3951 Qasigiannguit

Phone: +299 91 46 47 / +299 52 31 14