Hotel Icefiord have one of the best restaurants in Greenland. You can experience the cozy atmosphere while looking at the most beautiful view over the Icefiord.

The restaurant is known for the tasteful food made from local ingredients. The inheritance given from the nature around us, are extremely important to us. We try to use it to its full potential every day and we get all our seafood from the Diskobay. You can enjoy a meal and a cold beer from the local brewery under the midnight sun at the terrace or through the huge panoramic windows from the restaurant. It all happens overlooking the stunning view over the Diskobay and the Icefiord. Whether it is a hot chocolate or a gin and tonic with glacier ice our kind waiters will be ready to welcome you. The restaurant is the ideal place to go after a day in the mountains or a day on the water.



c/o Hotel Icefiord
3952 Ilulissat

Phone: +299 94 44 80