Taavani ApS

Taavani ApS is your local DMC and business travel agency in Greenland. We are an IATA accredited agency with headquarter in Nuuk. 

We assist international travel agents to plan and execute travels all over Greenland. Combined we have more than 21 years of experience within the travel industry. If you run a travel agency and consider expanding your product portfolio with Greenland, you properly ask yourself several questions.

1. Should I use a DMC in Greenland?

Yes, we would recommend using a DMC in Greenland if you haven’t operated in Greenland before. We look forward to make our services and expertise at your disposal.

2. Why should I use a Greenlandic DMC?

Greenland can be a very complex country to operate in. Especially during the 2022 season, we have experienced a lot of changes to flight schedules, which will affect your customers’ itineraries.

It can be difficult to act in these situations if you are located far away in different time zones.

In these situations, we have been available as local customer service on behalf of international travel agencies. As a result, they have seen increased customer satisfaction and travelers, who feel more secure during their travels.

3. How do we begin to sell Greenland as a destination?

Greenland is a vast country, that offers several unique experiences depending on the seasons, destinations, and your customers’ desires.

Getting in touch with a Greenlandic DMC is the best way for you to sell Greenland. With our Greenlandic expertise, we put our services at your disposal and help you get a better understanding of tourism in Greenland.

Our Head of Operations, Helle Pedersen, has 10 years in Air Greenland huge knowledge concerning travels in Greenland and know exactly how to help your clients the best.


Tuapannguit 38
3900 Nuuk

Phone: (+299) 38 54 90
Email: christian@taavani.gl