Albatros Arctic Circle is a locally based company which organises trips to Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.

The extensive tour programme features the ice cap, musk oxen, whales, abandoned settlements, dog sledding, hiking tours to ancient landscapes, and a lot more besides.


albatros arctic circle

Mittarfiit Aqqutaa
3910 Kangerlussuaq

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Discover Kangerlussuaq from a sled pulled along behind a team of baying dogs. If you are in Greenland in the winter you simply cannot miss out a dog sled ride.

Albatros Arctic Circle offers tours lasting a few hours giving you a feel for the area’s unique natural landscape.

If you are looking for something longer, you can go for a two-day trip with an overnight stay.

This trip is a little more strenuous, but you can look forward to seeing snow-covered mountains and you will get to see the close working relationship between driver and dogs.

You will become part of the team and you will be taking part in the cooking and other activities. Sealskin clothing is available for hire for the trip.


A tour of Kangerlussuaq will give you an insight into local culture and the natural environment. Go on a tour with a guide who knows all about local history from when Kangerlussuaq was an American base and from the time when people depended on hunting for their livelihood.

Visit the little museum with its model aircraft and base commander office. Tours to see the Northern Lights, a wildlife safari and trips to the ice cap also feature on the programme.


The magical Northern Lights often flicker in the skies over Kangerlussuaq on cloudless nights. Head out on a tour – away from the artificial light of the buildings and out onto the open plains where your experience will be even more intense.

The only sounds you will hear will be those of the wilderness, the wind and the wildlife.

The guide will tell you what you can expect to see and hear when Mother Nature puts on her show. The Northern Lights are steeped in mythology, and you will get to hear about this over a cup of genuine Greenlandic coffee.


The fact that Kangerlussuaq is only 25 kilometres from the edge of the vast ice cap makes it the perfect base for visitors who want a close encounter with this vast mass of ice. Albatros Arctic Circle organises land, sea and air tours.

You can experience the ice from different angles in a four-wheel drive, from a helicopter and on foot. You will be going quite a long way into the ice cap on some of the trips.

Imagine walking in an icy landscape of valleys and mountains, crystal-blue streams, waterfalls and lakes – all formed by meltwater from the ice.


There is a rich variety of wildlife in Greenland. Kangerlussuaq has the country’s largest stock of musk oxen.

Sign up for a tour and find out more about this unique animal that has a very special history. It roams freely in the area and can be seen everywhere you go.

There are also many hares, reindeer and birds in the area. Your guide will also tell you about the sled dogs that have been bred for more than a thousand years to become one of the world’s most powerful working dogs.


Take off and head for the skies. A little two-engine plane gives you the wings to fly, taking you out over the endless ice cap which covers up to 80% of Greenland.

You will be flying over glaciers and waterfalls in a world of sky and ice. If you are lucky, you will be able to see herds of musk oxen on your way back to the airport.

The trip usually takes two hours in the little plane which has room for five passengers. All the seats have windows next to them and are equipped with headsets through which the pilot will be able to give you a running commentary of what you can see below you.


Kangerlussuaq is a former American airbase with a history unique to Greenland. Albatros Arctic Circle will show you round the airport area and the surrounding area.

You will get to see the research facility Kellyville and the dog kennels, and you will hear about what it is like to live with dogs and sleds.

The guide knows the area well, is a font of knowledge and of course will be able to answer all your questions.